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New to mxbikes have a few questions

Started by Factoryphoto, November 17, 2021, 10:10:29 PM

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New to mxbikes and simulation , I bought this game almost two weeks ago and I am finally getting to where I can do a lap without crashing. I have been trying different setting I see on youtube and yes they help some but I am having the same issue over an over and I don't see how to change it. So when I go off a jump and turn the bars they go in opposite way I am trying to go in. It steers fine but whenever the tire comes off the ground and I turn the bars they go opposite direction and it is something I can't get used to coming from 20 years of moto games. I watch videos of people playing and I am wtf lol If I over jump by a little the bike rebounds off the ground and goes sideways and it crashes. I keep slowing down the rebound and try different suspension setting but it keeps doing it. I see people jumping into whoops or over shooting stuff and the bikes soaks it up like it should but I bounce and crash. I'm running the 450. I saw some guy name lynds and he showed how to put turn and lean on one stick, it seems better but the same thing happens when the tire comes off the ground. I have to go off jumps without touching the sticks because the slightest movement turns them in the opposite direction and crash. The menu shows info on what it does but not all of the setting have it.
Any help would be appreciated.


Quote from: Factoryphoto on November 17, 2021, 10:10:29 PMI turn the bars they go opposite direction and it is something I can't get used to coming from 20 years of moto games.
Moto games which were not simulators. Only MX Simulator and MX Bikes are truly realistic. In real life, if you are moving on a two-wheeled vehicle at a reasonable speed (over 5 MPH), you countersteer. That is, opposite input to the direction desired due to the gyroscopic effect of the turning wheels. Think about starting a slide. You point the front wheel AWAY from the turn. In MX Sim, you have to set reverse steering to make it work. You need a LOT more than two weeks to get used to this game. Use your body lean to counter lean too for easier, more stable turning and also to lean back to help with crashing a lot. Don't forget to sit for turns too. Keep at it!
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Ontop of what was said by PizzaChet, I can also recommend that you switch to a 250F as these are much better for beginners. The less weight and power makes the bike easier to ride in all situations.

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