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May 08, 2021, 03:00:16 PM


MX Bikes beta16 available! :)

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you guys are wicked fast...
im posting a 1:49.248 ill post the pics once it allows me
anyone know why im failing security checks lol
who else is over the old tracks lol bring on some supercross
does this work with beta 8?
just for the fuck of it any chance we can use the rm250? i feel like categories would be more interesting than individual bikes. like 250cc 2 stroke shootout or mx2 oem, ect. i just feel like having a couple choises makes it interesting and more rewarding to people who are willing to put the time in to do some testing on different bikes. just a thought.
i also had it crash while exporting, thankfully it saved to my best laps.
sorry for all the troubles, after running that many laps for that time its nice to see it not go to waste lol
crap lol my bad
i like the idea of posting trainers or a replay just for the sake of wondering how the top guys get there time =)
and the exports lol ignore the amount of laps.... ::)
woah i totally missed your post! heres my times!!!!
i just wanted to thank you for doing this still. this helped me out big time!
i wouldve posted my time of 1:09.826  but  i brainfarted and failed to remember the time change.....after working so hard on that time i can assure you i wont forget about that again lol 
round 1 should definitely stay a open class since it is late notice, and seeing as someone already posted a time have it be truly open (not msm only) i think that's the  fair thing to do at this point.