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July 25, 2024, 08:28:03 AM


MX Bikes beta19 available! :)

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Bug Reports / Resolution problem.
November 24, 2017, 05:12:38 PM
Hey everyone.

I have a weird problem that i dont ever recall seeing mentioned before.

When i set a resolution it says that the resolution has been set and shows the correct resolution on the left, then just to the right it will also show a lower (usually half) resolution in red, it doesnt seem to make a difference if i am using hd4000, gt 650m or gtx1060.

This has been happening since beta 6, i never really played beta 6 so wasnt really bothered about it...but i would like to play beta 7.

And also...Can anyone explain where the mods are supposed to go, i have synced bikes + tyres, tracks and a couple of others i cant remember into the mods folder but nothing is showing in game.
Ill start by thanking THE FATCONTROLLER for both of these tracks, having had a look at some of geofanatec's videos on how to make tracks  ???, huge respect to all track builders, Thank You.

As the title though, both paleta & mx compound have stopped working, on both tracks i have suffered game crashes whilst on these tracks and they now no longer load, any ideas??

I've deleted both tracks then unrar'd them back into the tracks folder.
I've deleted the mxbikes folder and reinstalled it, then loaded all of my folders back into the mxbikes folder, no joy though.

Every time i try to load either track the game hangs and stops working.
A reset marker that is placeable on the tracks on testing, this could be used for setting fast laps by placing it before the start line and practising lines, jumps etc.

I am not sure if this would go against the sim aspect of the game or not though?? it could be very handy as a training tool.
I know the reset markers are set by the track designer at the min so may not be possible the way it works now.

Suggestions and wishlist / Suggestions from a newb
April 02, 2016, 06:18:09 PM
Hi there, i will start by saying i only have around 3hrs practice on this sim (beta 4) and have never played any other mx sims, only mxgp on the xbox360.

I have a few suggestions.

Why not include an easier game mode both for the new players and the people that don't want/have the time to put lots of hours in to get good.
Why restrict your sales to only a handful of hardcore players when you have most of what you need already to make this a very popular game/sim (i am not a dev, so i may be very wrong with my assumption), there's no reason that this would spoil the sim aspect if you included settings to setup the for either sim/game.

At install as it stands the settings are not setup for a new player.
I have had to read this forum to find out that it is a bit easier when direct lean is at 100%, i do understand that i have bought into a beta, but again why restrict your sales when a lot of people would just delete the demo after falling off/spinning out the back wheel 100 times in the first 5 minutes of play, please setup the install to have the settings made easier to ride from the off.

Why does the bike have to be moving before i can move my body position ??

Please include some info on what the settings do, again i have had to read this forum to find out information on what each setting does, i didn't find it obvious when changing settings and riding.
Again i know this is a beta and a sim but i feel this will be also be putting off potential new players, it seems to be setup only for the hardcore player.

As a console gamer, i am excited about the possibility of what could be done with this, i was kind of happy with mxgp other than the lack of new tracks, bikes and freedom of movement, all of which have been addressed in this sim.

But at the moment as a newb to this sim, i feel the low speed riding needs some work, maybe an option for a steering damper would help, at the min it is very twitchy at low speeds, it also feels like riding on ice most of the time at low speeds.
I understand this will become easier with practice but at the moment i find it very frustrating and not very realistic at low speeds.