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April 14, 2021, 12:39:08 PM


MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

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Races / To server owners
November 08, 2018, 08:57:37 PM
I'm watching all the same picture during 4-5 betas (at least): servers track list looks like Paleta, Red Bud, Anaheim 2016, MXBC Compound, some stock track then repeating similar cycle again.
And one single track is kept turned on for weeks.
This may kill even the most crazy fan of online racing. I'm trying to come online every free minute, no care if servers are empty but guys.. this is way to nowhere.
The game already has much more content than any mainstream motocross game. I didn't count but it looks like I have 40+ tracks in my track folder. Many very old tracks work in beta9. What's the problem?

What I see good for online.
Maybe servers owners should cooperate - less servers but more kind of different classes:
1. Full stock nationals server - for absolute new comers who dont know that they cant see servers with custom content and do not know how to see them.
2. SX server on stock bikes but with all known AX and SX tracks.
3. Nationals server on stock bikes with all available MX tracks. Here would be good to see supermoto from time to time, maybe one-two times once a month - coz it's fun, sad that not many understand this type of racing, maybe need more tracks with jumps, i don't know what's the problem of such ignore.
4. Same as (2) but on OEM.
5. Same as (3) but on OEM.

And rotation interval should be much shorter, maybe 3-5 days per track would be enough, then nothing will become stale to the point of queasiness.

Probable question - why so much attention to stock bikes than OEM. because OEM mod is heavy as hell and works only on very good PCs (1st reason) and not every new comer may know about OEM.
I think it makes sence to create track database as in GP Bikes and make the topic sticky - easy to find and download. I can do this, if everyone agree to continue in suggested mode.
I've tried to cover all possible cases splitting community or killing online. Maybe someone will see better decision. But in any way, we need to change this.

Thanks for reading!
As long as I feel FPS drops from time to time on some tracks, especially online when there are many riders on track, I'm thinking back this feature which, as far as I know, is present in MXSim.

Suggestion: add server support for low quality versions of track (no mismatch etc.) with no extra objects, with poor textures, so that people on weak PCs/notebooks could connect and play together with those who use full quality tracks.
I've put this awesome mod on my google drive.
Two folders in the archive, just unpack in your MX bikes folder. I have this + all available tracks installed and nothing more - never had issues with online connection.


thanks to Asdrael and all those guys who helped him to create this stuff.