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June 26, 2022, 10:55:50 PM


MX Bikes beta17e available! :)

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Track Editing / Old MCM creator looking to create tracks.
December 25, 2019, 07:49:19 PM
I have been around the motocross game community for over 30+ yrs I use to create tracks for MCM 1 & 2, MX vs ATV, Mx Simulator and a few others and am looking to get back into creating tracks for MX Bikes and wondered if I could get a little help getting started.  I tried to looking through the forums to find what I need but I'm not fully getting all the pieces. 

1. Does anyone have tutorials on how they are using Blender for objects and track setup (size etc within blender).
2. Textures - I realize almost all games have gone to tiling but I wondered if it is possible to do a single image texture map say 2049 x 2049?  I still enjoy the old method of using burn tool etc with a top down render of the map to do track textures?

I really appreciate any input and look forward to possibly bringing some new content to MX bikes (hopefully 3d track objects, Bike Skins, Rider Skins, Tracks)

Thanks Again