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February 26, 2020, 02:38:00 pm


MX Bikes beta13c available! :)

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Topics - Big Smooth one3

Honestly didn't think I'd have multiple tracks on this map when I released the MX layout, but here we are...so I wanted to keep them all in 1 place and not spam this forum with posts.
Scroll down to the last of the 4 tracks in this OP for the HYBRID layout, the most recent Blue Quarry track posted on January 9th.

Blue Quarry MX '19
This track is my first to post in here, mostly because I've yet to learn how to do everything involved (most notably, objects), but contains what I hope is a fairly solid heightmap and textures/masks consistent with what I've read/learned are standard practice in MXB track building. My hope is that this track can be fun for some of you to rip around - and I would love any/all feedback on the ride-ability (or anything at all) since that will help to inform future designs. Big thanks to those of you who have helped answer a few questions along the way, and to tfc for his recent tutorial videos as I've gleaned some info from those, as well (texture/material setup, especially).

Anyway, I understand this is not full-on "complete" with all the pretty objects, etc., so I'm treating this as betaV1 as I've seen others do on here - hence the "'19" at the end of the track name, which will change to '20 (or other) with additional updates - but I certainly think/hope this is something that could be fun for us to have in-game as an extra option when we get the itch to play.

Sincerely hope you enjoy!

Blue Quarry SX '19 (Top)
After a lot of tinkering and brushing up on my sx track building, I'm happy to release "Blue Quarry SX '19 (Top)" for your enjoyment. This is the SX track located on the top level of the map which also houses the previously released Blue Quarry MX. I plan to build another SX layout on this compound-ish map, hence the "TOP" designation with this one. I'm admittedly still a bit rusty in track making, but I'm really finding it fun to get back into mx game track design (and really enjoying MXB in general) and fully plan on learning more so that I can bring some of my mxgp heighmaps into mxb in a more polished manor. That said, I spent a lot of time tweaking the layout, jumps, etc. here, and while I still know there is obviously room for improvement on the basic presentations of both this SX track and the MX layout, I'm pleased with how both have come out and feel as if I'm constantly learning how to do some of this stuff better every time I work on one of my WIP's. Certainly hope you enjoy this one, and feedback is welcome, as always!

Blue Quarry SX2 (2020 Arlington Replica)
For the final (next?) layout on my Blue Quarry map, I've given replica SX building a try with the 2020 Arlington layout. I focused on spacing as best I could, feel like I had a bit of poor jump/obstacle spacing on BQSX1 in a couple of spots, and with this being a replica, it came with it's own set of unique challenges to scaling vs a track map/graphic. It's always tough to make an IRL layout "work" in a game, and the split-ish sand lane was particularly challenging to get to a point that I was pleased with, but I'm overall pleased with my first go (in a long time) at producing an in-game replica SX track. Hope you enjoy!

Blue Quarry Hybrid

The "Hybrid" track is a combined single lap layout comprised largely of the MX, SX (Top), and SX2 tracks, but with more than a few tweaks and changes. Most of the changes happened in response to feedback and/or things I felt didn't end up riding how I'd have hoped. The obvious "new" bits are related to how the tracks were connected, so some sections were changed up a bit, which you will notice. This should be a long - but hopefully fun - laptime, hope you enjoy!

Track Editing / "MXB" of Charlotte (2016 MXGP) - WIP
December 03, 2019, 08:36:45 pm
Getting my feet wet in track creation as I've found my interest in MXB renewed for some reason lately. The 2016 MXGP of Charlotte is a track I built (along with "Storken") in MXS, and since it's basically a man-made track (i.e., not a lot of elevation to mess with), I thought it might be a good/more basic one to start with.

Given my lack of experience/knowledge of building within MXB, I thought I'd try to just keep a running, updated BETA download link, along with any updates/roadblocks/other info I run into, here as I try to work my way through figuring out how to do all of this stuff. In the off chance one of the more experienced designers wants to hop in and offer advice, I'm obviously all ears and appreciative, but my intent here isn't to pander to those experienced designers for a step-by-step guide or anything, just to be clear.

In my first couple of weeks of learning, I've run into what I imagine are "easy" issues that I just had no clue what to do with, requiring hours of reading/searching/trial and error to figure out - as is always these case with these types of endeavors. So I guess the plan with this thread will be to update on progress, the status of the BETA download (will strive to keep the link the same as what's in the OP here for simplicity sake), frustrations/things I can't figure out or am working through, etc. In my experience, so much of the fun and enjoyment in designing is the interaction within the community - the give and take of help, advice, encouragement, critical feedback, etc. - so in a nutshell, this is my attempt to do that here for the first time.

As to this initial BETA, I'm not completely set on the terrain by any means, but was pleasantly surprised with how some of my testing in the heightmap worked out without a ton of extra effort. There are a few jump lips/takeoffs that I'm not completely thrilled with, and definitely some ruts/berms that will need looking at as I've tried a number of different styles/techniques for testing how might be best to build those - this being my first attempt at MXB design, I'm kind of flying blind as to which method might be best, so there's a lot of trail and error going on at the moment. It's been a while since I've dove into heightmap design for a MX game, and this has kind of given me the itch to keep going, been fun thus far. Anyway, point being, the initial terrain here isn't final obviously, but I think (hope) it's a good start. Oh, and I've slightly altered the section which is located outside of the "bowl" from the irl layout for the sole reason that there were too many flat, straight sections for a video game lol so I threw some sand rollers in there for fun (though the shading/shadows in that texture are...underwhelming...that's a "need to figure out" item).

So...in sum, long ways to go, pleased with the start, but yea...still tons of work to do to make it a polished product, and not nearly as much time to do so as I used to have! But keeping updates/info/etc in here should be fun - or at least that's the idea  ;D

As promised, here's the download link for the BETA (1.0 is first, will update to "1.1....1.2...etc." with additional updates as needed), feel free to give it a whirl and provide thoughts if you'd like (.rar file, but open track folder):


Track Editing / Converting MXS Track into MXB
November 22, 2019, 03:37:23 pm
General question any who might have experience in this area - how difficult is to to convert a track made for MX Sim into MXBikes. I haven't invested a lot of time into learning the process of building tracks in MXB because, frankly, I'm not sure if I'll have the time to build one from the ground up - and having taken the immense amount of time to learn how to do it in MXS, I'm aware of the type of effort and investment it takes to learn how to build tracks properly, which I imagine is something that holds true in MXB.

With that said, if it's possible, I would love to try and bring some of my MXS tracks over into MXB. I realize it will require additional work, etc., won't be as easy as just copy/paste files, but if I'm able to use the same heighmap from the MXS track, seems like that would be a good jump-start to the process. Thanks in advance for the info!
Setups / Setup Refresher Request
November 11, 2019, 07:03:11 pm
It's been a while since I've hopped into MXB, but with availability on steam now, I've found myself getting back into it a bit lately. I vaguely remembered some setup tips from the last time I played (beta7/8?) and have used this forum as a starting point now that I'm trying to re-figure things out, but much of what's here seems outdated.

So - I'm wondering if some of the long-timers here would be willing to take just a couple of minutes and refresh us new/returning players on some standards of setup. This is mainly about suspension/bike setup, but I've also noticed new "stability" or "assist" settings that I don't remember being there last time - any "must do" or "should never do" tips? I realize I'm basically a beginner again, but it would be great to get advice on more advanced settings  since I enjoy the challenge of learning how to play these types of games in a way that allows me to progress and perform as well as the game allows...if that makes sense (i.e., even though its easier at first, never use auto-lean, you need to learn how to control the bike without any of that in order to progress).

For example, I've read various "must have" sag settings, both race and static, so what should we be aiming for? Beyond that, what's the most stable/ideal way to reach those benchmarks? I've snagged Reuben's setup from a few threads down, which I believe he made a couple of years ago, and it seems to be my best bet thus far, but some of the settings (maybe?) have changed, or are just presented differently in-game now, I think.

All of this said, if basically nothing has changed, tell me to shut up and go to that setup guide thread  ;D

General Discussion / Online Play
May 04, 2017, 09:03:17 pm
Hey guys. I'm very new here, so I am trying to get a feel for things. It seems like 9 out of 10 times I get into the game to play, and check out the open "world" servers, there is hardly ever anyone else playing. Is this pretty common, or am I missing something? I really, really like the fact that mxb has working multiplayer track deformation, but I rarely see anyone playing online to enjoy that feature. Have I overlooked something here?

Thanks in advance for the info.