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August 07, 2020, 05:35:26 AM


MX Bikes beta14e available! :)

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I proudly present to you the first version of the Enduro Bike Pack!


Ever wanted to head out with your friends and roll through the forests somewhere in nowhere? Jump on one of those machines and let the fun begin!

This pack contains the already known Husaberg and GASGAS Enduros, making old downloads obsolete. This update was long due and the Enduros finally got the treatment they deserved. After figuring out some mechanics, I was able to retrieve data of the newest OEMs, so that way the bikes are physics and geometry wise always top notch, big thanks to @Asdrael for all your hard work on those bikes!

The Data on all bikes are taken from OEM Manuals and adapted to work well in MX Bikes. The bikes share the same engines depending on their ccm. The reference engine is from the OEM Husky. Gear Ratio is from the Husaberg manual, so the bikes are competetive against each other.

The 300cc engine was my first engine ever done. So please bare with me!

Together with some helping hands and the GFX skills of @GreenLenux* it was possible to make some more variations available, including a new Bike - the 2014 Husqvarna!

With the first release of the Enduro Bike Pack this version contains

2014 Husaberg
Enduro 1: TC125, FE250
Enduro 2: TC250, TC300, FE350, FE450

2014 Husqvarna*
Enduro 1: TC125, FE250
Enduro 2: TC250, TC300, FE350, FE450

Enduro 1: EC125, EC250F
Enduro 2: EC250, EC300, EC300F, EC450F
+ Sherco and 2016 GASGAS Livery*


Remove ALL old ENDURO... folders in your bikes folder!

This Mod needs the OEM Bike Pack installed, otherwise some bikes won't show up and your game might crash. Please install it beforehand!

If downloaded, move the bikes folder into your mods\ folder. That's it. This pack comes same like the OEMs with PKZ files (don't open, it's not possible. Just, don't!) and pre-made folders for easy sound and skin installation.


Shoutout to the testers who gave me feedback during the whole process, you were great help and it was fun with you!

Also thanks to GreenLenux for his fast work on all these skins, making it a very easy time for me.

Again and as always thanks to Asdrael for all of his hard work on the OEM Bikes! Without you MX Bikes wouldn't be what it is.

And of course TMFR for providing the public with the free models!

Feedback is very welcome and see you in the woods!

I proudly present to you:


The User Created MX Bikes Wiki

You might ask yourself, "why do we need another MX Bikes Wiki"?
The official Wiki is definitely a good first starting point, but due to the massive amount of stuff Pibs has to take care of, a lot of partially important stuff can get lost (everyone knows it!) and no one has a direct answer.
Asking in the discord is helpful, too, but it gets lost very fast, and discord is most of the time very confusing and filled with unimportant stuff, but hey, that's in first place a chat tool.

Here comes my part.
After creating MXB-Mods.com and continously improving it and bringing it to a state where I would say it's on a stable level, I came across the idea to create a database regarding MX Bikes tutorials, tips, tricks, advanced explanation of stuff, and especially:
user created help on one big and growing page.

Hard facts:
MXB-Wiki.com is SSL encrypted to provide the security standards nowadays
The official PiBoSo Wiki is implemented into the page, too! The pages are embedded into single posts and are getting refreshed each day
Login through Discord to skip the hassle with verificating via E-Mail, that's so oldschool!
New posts will automatically be posted into the MX Bikes Discord #mxb-wiki channel
Post your walkthroughs, tutorials, tips or explanations on one easy-to-use page
Comment below posts and start discussions, ask the authors for help if something is not clear enough
Edit your profile, tell us something about you, provide users with your Discord#0000 tag and you might get personal help that way!
Loads of plugins and post-formatting to make your walktrough stand out!
Edit your post after initially posting it if you want to make some changes to it, or remove it permanently. It's up to you!

I hope this page is, once it's getting filled, helpful for someone and I also hope people try to provide the community with some helpful posts, too.
So, if you know something others don't know and it hasn't already been posted, what are you waiting for? :)

Thanks for your time and see you at MXB-Wiki.com!
This is the thread where I will cover all additional downloads & minor patches for the 2020 OEM bikes (which I've imported), to be able to keep track on what I've done, what I'm missing and what I want to add.

There will be loads of stuff here, so here's some hyperlinks once the thread will be hard to read:

- KTM Shock Wrong Texture Fix
Add-Ons / Model Changes
- TM Stock to Factory Base Model
Model Swaps
- 2021 CRF RW
- TM
- YZ/F
- RM


1. KTM Shock Wrong Texture Fix

So it seems like the rear shock was still linked to the FC's metal texture. This patch will fix this. Thanks Frosty122 for letting me know!

KTM Shock Wrong Texture Fix.zip via OneDrive

  Add-Ons / Model Changes
1. TM Stock to Factory Base Model
Picture: (click to enlarge)

Re-Export of the TM by LC Créations with 100% untouched model and textures, making the base model factory. Both categories (250 and 450) have the double sided DOMA mounted. Follow the instructions in the ZIP.

TM Factory (Doma, LC Model untouched).zip via OneDrive

  Model Swaps
info: these model swaps are 100% online compatible and are basically just cosmetics

1. 2021 CRF RW
Picture: (click to enlarge)

This is something I've always wanted to do and finally I had the motivation to do so. The 2021 CRF RW that's been used in the nationals series this year by e.g. Tim Gajser.
Thanks to LC Créations for the model and big shoutout to him for the free release recently.
This is rather a "quick and dirty" model swap - the bike is fully functional in online and in offline, I've fixed the hand positions and it has working number plates and moving levers and I've edited the logo to the HRC one.
Not included in v0.2 are mud layers and animated parts like cables and suspension. If this swap gains some attention and people like it I might update it some day.
Get source files and PSD here.

2021CRF_RW_v0.2.zip via OneDrive
*updated 06/16/20 - added handguards option

tip: all PSDs have been named after the texture the bike needs (e.g. sxf_livery.psd -> sxf_livery.tga)
tip2: for the normals you might want to edit your normal in the PSD, save that as a seperate image, edit the normal textures I've provided in the ZIP and keep the alpha channel untouched. Make sure to save it as 32bit.

Picture: (click to enlarge)

Guess it's the most anticipated model so here we instantly start with the SXF/SX template
Yes I know, the metal PSD is a mess. I kept most of it original as Damien already provided us with some "colorme" layers. Find them and you'll figure out where some parts are. I also included some "useful UVs" in order to make life a little bit easier.
*Thanks to Michail for the cutout!

SXF_Template.zip via OneDrive
*updated 05/05/20 - added cutout to PSD

2. TM
Picture: (click to enlarge)

Here's the full TM template, further informations are located in the PSD. After todays discussion on the MXB Discord, feel free to either use "my" part of the plastics AO, or disable the MXB folder and enable the disabled layer in the Shadings folder and put that folder back to 100%. To defend me again: I've only lowered the Shadings folder to 75% and unlinked the plastics part of those to get rid of all the scratches from the plastics (remember we have mud layers, bike is getting muddy and scratched while riding). Also I've learned to not put shadings to 100%... :)

TM_Template.zip via OneDrive
*updated 05/10/20 - PSD should work now in GIMP

3. KXF
Picture: (click to enlarge)

The plastics template for the KXF. This is the only template that will be available, as it was Ruben's request to do so. Otherwise we wouldn't have this pretty bike in the game, I hope you understand!
*Thanks to Frosty for the cutout!

KXF_Template.zip via OneDrive
*updated 05/10/20 - added cutout to PSD

4. FC/TC
Picture: (click to enlarge)

Yes I know, the metal PSD is a mess. I kept most of it original as Damien already provided us with some "colorme" layers. Find them and you'll figure out where some parts are. I also included some "useful UVs" in order to make life a little bit easier.
*Thanks to Frosty for the cutout!

TC_FC_Templates.zip via OneDrive
*updated 05/10/20 - added cutout to PSD

5. YZ/F
Picture: (click to enlarge)

That's the PSD of the YZF we have in game. Not imported by me, but the source files have been shared on the MXS forum, so here we are. Should be yzf.tga, as the PSD shows.

oldYZF_Template.zip via OneDrive

6. CRF
Picture: (click to enlarge)

Here's the PSD for the CRFs. It's modified from what we had before (removed some stuff and added some minor normals, like welds).

CRF_Template.zip via OneDrive

7. RM
Picture: (click to enlarge)

TFC just hit me up with the link GDUB has found for the Suzuki RM templates and so I thought about adding it into this thread. Thanks again!

RM_Templates.zip via OneDrive
*updated 06/10/20 - thanks to BEYER who sent me a fixed parts.psd with the missing radiator
Alternative via MEGA (original link)

Hi everyone.
I needed a background and a modified UI for some pictures, so I quickly made this easy booth for you all.

The hrsshots option disables all UI elements in the screenshot, but it doesn't show ReShade effects. So this is a little workaround.

It comes in two color variations, dark gray and white.

In the above pictures I'm in the freeroam mode in the "Bike", "Bike Info" menu to make the logo and author visible.
Both screenshots are taken with ReShade.

!! This version is only compatible with the default UI.

The zip contains 6 folders and has those options:

("Clean Viewer" is the little square in the main menu. This mod disables all UI elements from both, the Viewer and the Bike Info screen. To leave, press ESC.)

How to install:
choose one of the variations
move the content ("misc", "ui" folders) into your MX Bikes installation directory.
(e.g. C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MX Bikes\)

How to uninstall:
remove the "misc" and "ui" folders from your installation directory.1

How to remove the rider:
Copy the folder "rider" from "Remove Rider from Menu" into your MX Bikes installation directory.
(e.g. C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MX Bikes\)

How to uninstall:
remove the folder again.

Other / [UI MOD] Show Bike Logo in Default UI
April 08, 2020, 01:34:10 AM
Hello everyone.
So, beta14 has been released recently and one of my suggestions has been implemented but yet not activated.
I've done that for you.

It may be an unecessary feature but I thought it'll be cool to have it. Also it opens up some more opportunities.

I present to you:

Show Bike Logo in Default UI

Table of content:
What it does
Create Custom/New Logos
Jump to end because the tutorial is unnecessary and I just want to leave a comment

What it does:
It shows a new rounded box in all Bike Selection Menus (Main Menu -> Bike Selection; Before a Session -> Bike Selection; both Selections -> Bike Info) which contains a Logo which can be included in new bike releases.

Download via OneDrive

Extract the content of the .ZIP into your MX Bikes Installation Directory.

Steam Version
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\MX Bikes\
C:\Program Files\MX Bikes\

!!! This is not a mod that works via the mods folder way. It has to be inserted into the Installation Directory. !!!

Create Custom/New Logos: SKIP SKIP SKIP
If you want to change the logo to your own preferences, feel free to do so.
Grab the template .PSD in this ZIP and follow the next little steps:

The logo needs to be masked in the alpha channel, so it'll actually have transparency.
Try to work with solid colors instead of whole images as this might make the quality really bad.

1. Open up the Template

2. Remove the Example layers (except "work here" folder)

3. Switch over to the "channels" tab and make the alpha channel visible only

4. Click on the alpha channel and CTRL + A to select everything on that layer and hit DEL to remove its content

5. Insert your desired logo into the "work here" folder

6. Scale it so it fits into the "work here" mask

7. For better quality make sure to fill the background with colors instead of using the logo as a whole. Using the logo as direct layer for the alpha channel might have weird borders around.

8. CTRL + Left Mouse Button onto the picture you've inserted to only select the actual pixels in that layer

9. Switch over to the "channels" tab again, make the alpha channel visible only and click on it to edit the layer
10. Right click in your current selection and select "Fill"

11. In the color options select "White"

12. It should look like this now

13. Save it as 32 Bit .TGA image in the desired bike folder and name it "logo.tga"

14. If it's a bike without a logo, open up the .INI file of it and add the line "logo=logo.tga" below "garage_pic="

15. Done

for the game and implementing my suggestion, thanks!
@StoneRider for the MSM logo!

General Discussion / MX Bikes beta14 - Phyiscs Poll
April 06, 2020, 02:50:18 PM
Hello everyone,
as the Discord is getting flooded with a lot spamming between actual feedbacks, we thought about doing a poll about how you all like or dislike the new changes for both bike behaviour and physics in general.

If you voted for something, please mention what your option was and write a little explanation what you think feels different.

Please note that you should ONLY give feedback considering the use of the STOCK MSM bikes. Current OEM bikes are rideable, but they are not updated to the new changes of the game engine, so please keep that in mind.
Thought about starting a feedback thread to gather proper feedback with actual pros and cons instead of "update is shit, game is broken, downgrade it is" bs.

Changelog so far:
MX Bikes beta14 - 2020/4/5:
Mx Bikes beta14 available.

fix: occasional simulation explosion on terrain berms
fix: transition bump between different terrain materials
fix: gearbox simulation
fix: rider dab
fix: bike reset under bridges
fix: occasional freezes in multiplayer
fix: smoothing of replays of multiplayer events
fix: multiplayer bandwidth optimization
fix: shifter lever animation in replays
fix: live screens
fix: rider rendering optimization
fix: tyres grass and sand sound
fix: replay VR mode
fix: transition to settings from the replay VR mode
new: alternate onboard views mode
new: option to export results after each session
new: option to add a prefix to exported results
new: server name in the dedicated server Window title and System Tray icon tooltip
new: the bike selection page remembers the latest bike for each category
new: revised crash camera in VR
new: head tracking linked to rider animation
new: rider dab animation
new: revised Mantua track
new: revised Washington track
new: revised Winchester MXoN track
new: Assen track
Bikes / [RELEASE] 2014 Husaberg TE/FE
March 16, 2020, 01:10:03 AM
I proudly present to you:

All credits go to Kording for creating this model and TM_Infidel/TMFR for releasing the source files of the Husaberg here and for the source files of the Husqvarna (where I took the 4t engine from) here.

This release includes:

As in the GASGAS release, the models here have some differences too.
The 125 has a stock exhaust whilst the 250/300 have a FMF mounted.
The 250f has a stock exhaust mounted whilst 300-501 have a FMF look-a-like which differs in color.
I like difference but I'd also love some selectable additional parts though.

I've taken the default paint that came with the source files as I didn't wanted to struggle around this much with this release, and it looked on-point anyways.

The bikes also support everything that MXB offers and a little extra. Again, as in the GASGAS release, there's a custom Matrix M64 Stand Paint (made by TFC here.) and a Stock Stand paint.
In addition there's no chassis number anymore but a License Plate number for a little extra detail.
The Steer number is still working and the custom Font uses a custom made License font + the default black font for the steer.
Again it has an animated spring and mud layers.

- same geometry and characteristics of the OEM Husqvarna models (thanks Asdrael! ♥)
-> the TE300 and FE501 engines have been made by nilsdt96 (also thanks!)
--> I've adapted the gear ratios of all bikes to the values in the official manuals, they may feel a bit weird, and the 501 actually has a top speed of probably 200 kph+, this might be updated some day and be properly OEM'd
- fueltank has been increased to a capacity of 12 litres
- the glass on the lamp is see-through

Insert the bikes folder into your mods folder.
Insert the misc folder into your MX-Bikes INSTALLATION DIRECTORY (e.g. E:\GAMES\Steam\steamapps\common\MX Bikes\) for the license plate font.

Support MXB-Mods.com and

or Download directly via OneDrive

Bikes / [RELEASE] 2015 GASGAS EC Series
March 12, 2020, 12:38:24 AM
I proudly present to you:

All credits go to jre for creating this model, TM_Infidel/TMFR for releasing the files to the public here and all fund raisers which made this possible. Also a great thanks again to TM_Infidel/TMFR and the ECF project for the 4 stroke version here.

This release includes:

The 125 and 250 have a slightly different exhaust, just for the looks.
Same for the 250-300-450F, the 250 has a short Akrapovic, the 300 has a slightly longer Akrapovic and the 450 has a FMF PowerCore4 mounted. Again, just for the looks.
The shorter 2t FMF, Akrapovic and the 4t FMF look-a-like have been edited by me. I've no real modeling skills so I've decided to change the meshes a bit for some varieties. The textures of the blue 2t FMF and the 4t FMF are made by me.

None of the included skins have been used, besides the stock engine/frame texture.
The plastics are completely redone to fit the 2015 look of the GASGAS EC models.
The left side plastics has been changed to the same mesh as the right one. I seriously was too lazy to mirror the right side livery onto the left side (different mesh, different uv, didn't fit 1:1).

The bikes support everything that MX Bikes offers. They have an animated spring, working number plates and custom stands (for stock and the Matrix M64 Stand by TFC).
Source for the Matrix: https://www.ktm-parts.com/m64-101.html
Source for the Stock: https://pcmoto.co.uk/?product=motocross-enduro-tagz-branded-stand-gas-gas

My goal was to achieve a 100% replica of the real deal. I think I've made it pretty well.

- same geometry and engine characteristics of the OEM Husqvarna models (the EC300F is actually the FC350) (Thanks Asdrael! ♥)
- the fueltank has been increased to a capacity of 12 litres
- the glass on the lamp mask is see-through
- We've finally got a proper enduro in the game!

Insert the folders inside the zip into your mods\bikes\ folder.

Support MXB-Mods.com and

or Download directly via OneDrive


Jaeckels Hillside SX 2 (MJSX2)

Merry Christmas y'all! That track has been on my todo for a long time now.
I made a little christmas special out of it, there will be a "normal" edition of the track soon.

Thanks to MJRace (Jaeckel) from the MX Sim forum for the heightmap and the permission!
I had to change it a bit and improvise here and there to make it rideable in MXB.

The track is basically still WIP but I wanted to share it now, as a little gift. :)

Sounds are from freesound.org

Other / [RELEASE] GoPro Hero 8 Black
December 13, 2019, 06:03:03 PM

GoPro Hero 8 Black (5 locations)

Model by LC Créations, imported by me.

This helmetcam comes with 5 locations to choose from.
Big thanks to LC Créations for his trust and the model!

Have fun.

Good evening fellow people,
here's the first episode of my tutorial series. This video shows from the beginning to the end on how I'm doing a bike import.

It came out way longer than I thought it would, but I think I've covered everything to know and some workarounds here and there.

Hope I'm able to help out some people which are interested in importing a bike.

Big thanks to LC Créations for letting me use his model!

And again, sorry for my relatively bad spoken english, I'm not used to speak this much :D
Bikes / [RELEASE] 1990 Piaggio Vespa PK50N v0.3
November 18, 2019, 08:49:07 AM

1990 Piaggio Vespa PK50N

Niente accade per caso, BELLA ITALIA!

It's go time bois. This is the first public release of the Vespa I spammed you all a bit in the Discord.

First release, no mud layers because hell I was too lazy to do them. Update will come, some wrongly moving parts though (suspension clipping through the front fender) and it rides not perfectly but somehow ok.

Have fun!

Paints / [RELEASE] SKDA Divide Honda v2
October 19, 2019, 02:01:52 PM

Bike paint for the Honda CRFs. Taken from SK Designs Australia (https://au.skda.com.au).


The paint comes in three variations (Promo, Teal and Grey) and custom bike fonts specially made for these paints. Installation instructions are in the readme.txt


Wanted to use the paints, but it was all glossy and the numbers didn't work.
Fixed that.

Original by Znat0x: http://forum.mx-bikes.com/index.php?topic=2100

Paints / [RELEASE] SKDA Smoke Husqvarna
October 18, 2019, 03:27:20 AM

Bike paint for the Husqvarna FCs. Taken from SK Designs Australia (https://au.skda.com.au).


The paint comes in two variations (Smoke White and Smoke Grey) and a custom bike font specially made for both paints. Installation instructions are in the readme.txt

October 18, 2019, 03:24:40 AM

Bike paint for the Honda CRFs. Taken from VOLTA SUPPLY (https://volta-supply.com).



Hello and welcome to the MX Bikes Server Configurator!
This tool aims at making life easier and having a GUI to create server configs easily and fast.

How to use it:
1. Open the app
2. Select your mxbikes.exe
3. Either click on "New Config" and select where to save it, or Browse for an existing one.
4. The button "New Config" changes to "Copy Config", where you can select a new filename and after pressing save, the same settings will be used for the new Config.
5. Change what you want.
6. After you finished setting up the server, hit the Save button and the config has been stored.

Thanks to Cody for his help with the targa code!
Thanks to Resolute Kraken who helped me to access the pkz files again!

Head over to http://forum.mx-bikes.com/index.php?topic=197.0 to setup a dedicated server.

Update History

initial release

08/08/19 - v0.2:
fix: mod tracks were not found if mod location is default (My Documents).
add: capped the MOTD length. There are not more than 149 characters allowed.

05/07/20 - v0.3:
disabled: track images (to save resources during tests, had some trouble, will fix in later release)
add: you can now set up to 3 tracks for a server
modified: dropdowns (so you can easily open the dropdown menu and select the value)
modified: track selections are a dropdown now, too. It will read your mxbikes.exe mxbikes.ini and list all tracks from your mods folder and tracks.pkz
modified: you can now either type in allowed categories into the textbox, or you tick them in the checkboxes. This is really buggy currently, sometimes you need to tick one category to be able to untick/remove another one. Kept this at first.

05/08/20 - v0.4:
basically same bugs as v0.3, but:
fix: PKZs are now included in the three dropdown menus for tracks (thanks to Kraken!*)
fix: bandwidth was 0-3, now there's 0-4 (very low - very high)
add: enduro category

tip: if something's not working, please re-select the mxbikes.exe and take a look at the message. If it says it uses the stock mod folder (which is documents) but you have added a custom mod path (global.ini) - you might move the mods= line from global.ini to the mxbikes.ini in the MX Bikes installlation folder

05/11/20 - v0.5:
fix: Now using a logic to identify the modpath (if closed with \ or not) - this should now enable the documents/standard mods path way instead of inserting the documents mods path into the ini with [mods] folder=
fix: the tool checks the mxbikes.ini first, if there's no mod folder entry, it'll check the global.ini in documents (recommended to use), if still empty, it'll use the standard path (documents).
fix: The categories are now being read and unchecked/checked once a configuration has been loaded
(don't check/uncheck too fast, it might not recognize it then)
add: 7 more Track groups - now a total of 10 tracks can be set
add: each track group has a "X" (clear) and a Random button, to either clear the track (disable it) or randomly choose a track by the ones that are recognized and inside the dropdowns
add: master "Randomize" and "Clear" buttons
add: all new values (export - prefix, incremental; replay - prefix; live - file, track_position; polls - disable_during_races; deformation - auto_reset)

How to Use:

Download v0.5 (05/11/20):
hosted on MXB-Mods.com
so since there are some people having issues with the push forward/backward key assignment, I figured a maybe working fix out.

So let's start with a fresh installation of MX Bikes with a non-existing controls.txt, which first appears when you change something in the settings and press "DONE".

The location of the controls.txt should be "Your Documents\PiBoSo\MX Bikes\profiles\YourProfile\".

1. Start MX Bikes and change something in your controls, i.e. assign the push forward/backward buttons to what you want.

2. Press DONE

3. Go to your profile folder and check if there's a controls.txt present.
if that's not the case, then there's something wrong with your Read/Write permissions in the documents folder, which doesn't make any sense. So the file should be there.
4. Open the controls.txt and go to line #23, "CTRL_LOWSPEED". That line looks unchanged like that:

After you changed it with e.g. a Xbox One controller it should somewhat look like this:

5. Copy the line and save it somewhere.
6. Close MX Bikes and the controls.txt and reload the documents folder.
7. Open the controls.txt and check if the line "CTRL_LOWSPEED" changed back to the unchanged setting I mentioned above.
8. If that's the case, replace the line with what you just copied and save.
9. Start MX Bikes. The setting should be correct now.

IF that's still not the case, change every setting and click on DONE. Go to the profile folder and right click on the controls.txt Click on properties and then on the "Security" tab. Click on "Edit..." and check "deny" on "full control". This should prevent random changes happening.

Maybe that fixes it for some of you, I don't have that problem but that's how it maybe could be prevented.

Other / [Release] Camper Menu Background v1.0
December 23, 2018, 12:02:47 PM

I present to you my first custom main menu background!

Somehow I was in need of a new way to saying welcome when starting the game, so I created this background.

Hope you like it!


Installation Instructions:
move the misc folder into your MX Bikes installation directory, these kind of mods are not working as regular mods, so it has to be installed into the installation dir.