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October 18, 2019, 03:21:03 am


MX Bikes beta12 available! :)

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Topics - iNsane | WeekendWarriors


Welcome and thanks for the download!
This tool should make it easier to setup a server config file.
There's a sample server.ini for you to have an example. Feel free to use it!

How to use it:
1. Open the app
2. Select your mxbikes.exe
3. Either click on "New Config" and select where to save it, or Browse for an existing one.
4. The button "New Config" changes to "Copy Config", where you can select a new filename and after pressing save, the same settings will be used for the new Config.
5. Change what you want.
6. If you change the track, press save and if the track picture reloads, the track was found.
--> Tracks have to have the same name as the folder or the .pkz in your storage
7. After you finished setting up the server, hit the Save button and the config has been stored.

thanks to Cody for his help with some codelines!

- made by iNsane

Download v0.2 (08.08.2019):
hosted on MXB-Mods.com

Since Beta 11, the devs accidentially removed the ping and points from the chat in the racing lobby. This fix will restore it.

Installation instructions:
Simply replace the ui.pkz in the MX Bikes installation directory with the one provided in this archive.

[ or if you already messed around with the UI and want to keep your stuff: ]
[ replace your existing multiclient.mnu with the one in the .pkz/ui/ folder. ]

- made by iNsane


so since there are some people having issues with the push forward/backward key assignment, I figured a maybe working fix out.

So let's start with a fresh installation of MX Bikes with a non-existing controls.txt, which first appears when you change something in the settings and press "DONE".

The location of the controls.txt should be "Your Documents\PiBoSo\MX Bikes\profiles\YourProfile\".

1. Start MX Bikes and change something in your controls, i.e. assign the push forward/backward buttons to what you want.

2. Press DONE

3. Go to your profile folder and check if there's a controls.txt present.
if that's not the case, then there's something wrong with your Read/Write permissions in the documents folder, which doesn't make any sense. So the file should be there.
4. Open the controls.txt and go to line #23, "CTRL_LOWSPEED". That line looks unchanged like that:

After you changed it with e.g. a Xbox One controller it should somewhat look like this:

5. Copy the line and save it somewhere.
6. Close MX Bikes and the controls.txt and reload the documents folder.
7. Open the controls.txt and check if the line "CTRL_LOWSPEED" changed back to the unchanged setting I mentioned above.
8. If that's the case, replace the line with what you just copied and save.
9. Start MX Bikes. The setting should be correct now.

IF that's still not the case, change every setting and click on DONE. Go to the profile folder and right click on the controls.txt Click on properties and then on the "Security" tab. Click on "Edit..." and check "deny" on "full control". This should prevent random changes happening.

Maybe that fixes it for some of you, I don't have that problem but that's how it maybe could be prevented.

Other / [Release] Camper Menu Background v1.0
December 23, 2018, 12:02:47 pm

I present to you my first custom main menu background!

Somehow I was in need of a new way to saying welcome when starting the game, so I created this background.

Hope you like it!


Installation Instructions:
move the misc folder into your MX Bikes installation directory, these kind of mods are not working as regular mods, so it has to be installed into the installation dir.


General Discussion / [Alpha] MXB-Mods.com
November 25, 2018, 11:35:31 pm


Hello community!
Today I want to present to you a new website I've just finished that much that I can say we're good to go for a first test.
I missed MXBC so much that I was forced by myself to start a new project.

MXB-Mods.com aims at being the new home for all of our user created content. Tracks, Bikes, Paints, everything at one place.
Have the best overview about new and old mods, without digging through years of pages on our forum.

(don't get me wrong, I love using the forum and discuss here! But finding (old) mods is a mess. Yes, Syncback is an option, but having the opportunity to find mods easy and fast is an important thing imo)

Register your account, and submit your stuff! The page moderation will take a look at your upload and as soon as it's checked, you will see it there!

Becoming a member of MXB-Mods.com is easy, just follow these steps:

1. Visit MXB-Mods.com

2. Create your account

3. Activate your account

4. Submit your mod

5. Wait for the confirmation


As of it's currently a very early alpha run, there are still couple bugs and limitations. I'm digging as much as I can to squish those bugs out and make the page perfect in every form.

Current known bugs/limitations:

Bug: After activating the registration, you're redirected to a weird page which is not available in any form through the frontend
Bug: Sometimes if someone has submitted a new mod and it got activated by the staff, there's the possibility that the new post ist visible under the "news" tab. It's just a matter of time because it has to be unticked then
Limitation: Sometimes the upload may fail or you're left with a blank page or a weird HTTP Error. Try uploading again or if that's still not working, tick the "The mod is bigger than 50mb or the upload won't work." box and you're able to enter a link to download the file from an external site.

That's all for now.
I hope you like the project and want to be a part of the (possibly) new home for our content.

If you have any questions, suggestions, bug reports or anything, contact me here on the forum or on discord! I'd like to listen to you :)

Races / WeekendWarriors Server Tracks Survey
November 24, 2018, 09:32:37 am
Copied out of discord:

I want to change the tracks running on my servers every week. So we're starting today until next saturday.
Will host 1 nationals, 1 supercross and 24/7 straight rhythm for now, to see how b10 performs in multiplayer action and on host computers.

Created a google form where you can vote. I will collect the results later and I will try to put the servers online during the day!

-> https://goo.gl/forms/ZQanV3XFLGkfQ1Il2
Tracks / [Supercross] Forest SX
November 16, 2018, 06:40:40 pm

Forest SX - 16.11.2018 - updated 19.12.2018
Another track in the middle of a forest, this time a supercross track. Somehow I like forest tracks :p

Installation instructions:
Move the .PKZ archive into your MX Bikes mods/tracks/ folder, and that's all!

Read the post on MXB-Mods.com:



Initial release

v2 - 19.12.2018
- Fixed centerline/checkpoint bugs causing cutting messages
- Removed collisions of all scenery objects (tires are still collidable!)

Thanks to Sandbiter for his well done trees! ♥

so like the topic subject somewhat tries to say, I thought it would be a benefit for the future of MXB to have full compatibility for Straight Rhythm tracks.

For now, or I just didn't figured it out yet, TrackEd and MXB are only capable of having circuit races/tracks. Means, theres a gate that's for start and finish.
Therefore to complete a full lap, you have to ride one full circuit. That's how races go, sure.

But Straight Rhythm has a little problem with that type of limitation. It's a race with a start, and a finish gate.

I found a workaround for my Straight Rhythm track, making it possible to return to the start and finish the race riding through the Start/Finish gate. But that's not quite the point behind Straight Rhythm. I mean, it's working, and if we're doing tournaments or races in general, we can detect who did the holeshot or who was the fastest/who finished the Rhythm first, with the timings of the Splits. That's okay for now, but it's still not really correct.

Dunno if that's possible, or in your interest Pibs, but I'd like to hear your opinion about that, and if this feature comes before/with/after b10. Hope it's clear what I'm about to say.
Tracks / [Straight Rhythm] Forest Rhythm v0.1
November 04, 2018, 07:36:13 pm

Forest Rhythm - 04.11.2018
A slightly abandoned Straight Rhythm track in the middle of a forest. (At least it should look like that)

This is my first track, maybe it gets changed someday a little bit. But for now it's pretty and rideable I'd say.

Rules for Straight Rhythm in MX Bikes (04.11.2018)

- The map has its splits located at the Holeshot and at the Finish gate
- Timings are getting count as soon as you finish the lap
- Timings may only count in race mode, so you're not having a head start

"Races are 1 Lap, may only two people race at the same time, the other's have to get disqualified to let the race start and go into replay mode. That's the only way in how it's gonna work."

Installation instructions:
Move the .PKZ archive into your MX Bikes mods/tracks/ folder, and that's all!


Montage of the track by aroca (thanks!):

Thanks to Sandbiter for his well done trees! ♥

maybe it's possible to implement a function in TrackEd to allow sprint races (without laps, one start gate one finish lap)?

Other / 2018 JUST1 J12 Unit
September 20, 2018, 02:53:52 pm

2018 JUST1 J12 Unit

last updated: 20.09.2018

Installation instructions:
Move the .pkz file into your MX Bikes mods \rider\helmets\ folder!

Other / 2018 TCX Comp Evo 2
September 18, 2018, 01:11:30 pm

I proudly present to you, my first model: 2018 TCX Comp Evo 2

last updated: 18.09.2018

Installation instructions:
Move the .pkz file into your MX Bikes mods \rider\boots\ folder!


Big thanks to philiaN who helped me out and showed me around how all that stuff works!

last updated: 20.12.2018

Hey guys,
so yesterday I played around with files associated to bikes and I came across the idea of trying to add some more Supermoto hype into MX Bikes.

So at first I tried to make a 2 stroke supermoto and it worked out quite well. So then I came across the idea "why not trying it with OEMs?".

The engine parameters are taken from pacos KTM because I felt it behaves the most smoothest of them all without doing any changes, I have absolutely no idea how that whole engine thing works :D

Update 20.12.2018:
As you guys saw, Asdrael updated his OEM pack to v0.10 with many many changes. Since MX Bikes b10, there were also many changings in collision boxes.
I adapted the original OEMs to new Supermotos with new geometry and collision stuff made by Asdrael.
The SXF is by paco and Stoney, engine and collisions are adapted from the FC250.

Although I removed the 450s because they were pretty unrideable as supermotos so now the official Supermoto OEM pack contains 250s and 125s ONLY.

v2 includes:

2018 CRF250R
2018 Suzuki RM-Z250
2017 Kawasaki KX250F
2016 Husqvarna FC250
2016 KTM 250SXF
2016 Yamaha YZ250F
+ NEW in v2
2003 Suzuki RM125
2016 Yamaha YZ125
2018 Alta SM


+ NEW in v2

Download v2 here:


Please remove all SMOEM_ folders inside your bikes folder because the 450s are redundant and not supported anymore!

Installation instructions:
Download the .zip file above and move it into your mods/bikes/ directory. Right click and "extract here", or open up and move all the Folders inside into the mods/bikes/ directory.
In case of an update: Just replace the files if asked, if errors accur (Bike mismatch) try to remove the current SMOEM_ folders and extract the .zip again to make sure everything is how it's been packed.
Bug Reports / Pit Boards not working so well
September 10, 2018, 10:33:10 pm

I think this is a perfect example, saw that the first time, and also the first time I saw a Pit Board while in practice since b9.
Other / Bike Fonts | The Collection [updated 16.09.2018]
September 06, 2018, 03:57:48 pm

We're not just keeping them Kit Fonts alone.

last updated: 16.09.2018

This is the thread where I will collect all my (or by others, credited) inserted fonts for MX Bikes.

Installation instructions for all following fonts:
Move the folder "misc" in the .zip (How do I open .zip?) archive into your MX Bikes installation folder (where the .exe sits), and that's all!

Somehow fonts are not supported through the mods system, or at least I didn't got it to work. They'll be visible in the selection list, but invisible on the rider.

My fonts are posted in the order I've created them!!

Table of content:

#1 - Slimbots White & Black
#2 - Bebas White & Black

#1 - Slimbots White & Black - 06.09.2018


#2 - Bebas White & Black - 17.09.2018


If you want to have a specific font in the game, feel free to comment down below with a link to the font! I will then try my best to realise it asap!
Other / Kit Fonts | The Collection [updated 06.09.2018]
September 02, 2018, 03:22:10 pm

okay I'm done with posting every single font by itself haha. Here, have some:

last updated: 06.09.2018

This is the thread where I will collect all my (or by others, credited) inserted fonts for MX Bikes.

Installation instructions for all following fonts:
Move the folder "rider" in the .rar (How do I open .rar?) archive into your MX Bikes installation folder (where the .exe sits), and that's all!

Somehow fonts are not supported through the mods system, or at least I didn't got it to work. They'll be visible in the selection list, but invisible on the rider.

My fonts are posted in the order I've created them! Scroll down to the bottom of the first post to get an AIO package if you don't want to download every single one!

Table of content:

#1 - Bricky/Curly White & Black
#2 - Bebas White & Black
#3 - Tommi White & Black
#4 - Slimbots White & Black
#5 - Audiowide White & Black
#6 - Blacklisted White & Black
#7 - Edomind White & Black
#8 - Varsity White & Black
#9 - Aerial White & Black
#10 - Bordered White & Black

All-In-One package

#1 - Bricky/Curly White & Black - 01.09.2018

It's a mix of a bricky name font and a curly numbers font, because the letters for the name are a little bit trickier to combine with extravagant styles such as curls and so on, because the system of recognizing or "selecting" letters/numbers in game is a very limited one. - Which does not mean I'm not trying!

Nonetheless here you go:


#2 - Bebas White & Black - 01.09.2018


#3 - Tommi White & Black - 01.09.2018


#4 - Slimbots White & Black - 02.09.2018


#5 - Audiowide White & Black - 02.09.2018 (suggested by Umpossible, URT Team Font)


#6 - Blacklisted White & Black - 03.09.2018 (suggested by Clutch_Luck)


#7 - Edomind White & Black - 05.09.2018

Kind of an own creation by my not-so-creative head, combining two absolutely different in their types fonts. Maybe some will like it tho.


#8 - Varsity White & Black - 05.09.2018 (suggested by Clutch_Luck)


#9 - Aerial White & Black - 06.09.2018 (suggested by StoneRider, Aerial Team Font)


#10 - Bordered White & Black - 06.09.2018 (similiar version to Edomind, but different numbers)


All-In-One package - 06.09.2018


If you want to have a specific font in the game, feel free to comment down below with a link to the font! I will then try my best to realise it asap!
Paints / 2018 FLY Kinetic Gloves [4 Variations]
September 02, 2018, 02:19:22 pm

I'm presenting to you NEW GLOVES for your rider.

It's a part of the 2018 FLY Kinetic line!

In Red, Fluo, Purple White Fluo and Black Gray Fluo.


Move the folder "rider" in the .rar archive into your MX Bikes mods folder, OR move the ".pnt" files from the .rar archive "rider/gloves/" into the "rider/gloves/" folder in your mods folder.

Other / iNsane's skins installer v0.2
June 25, 2018, 12:18:29 am

    MX Bikes skins installer v0.2.
    Last update: 25.06.2018

    The skins installer is a little helper to make easy things way easier.

    How does it work:

    • At first start the tool creates a pntinstaller.ini at the same location where the tool is at to save the MX Bikes mods dir because I was too lazy to fuck around with an Windows reg entry just for that

    • Select your MX Bikes mods bikes folder

    • Select the *.pnt bike paint you wish to install

    • Choose which bike should get the paint installed

    • Press the Install / Remove button to finish the process | Skin will be installed on checked bikes and removed/ignored on unchecked bikes


    Known bugs:

    • When a *.pnt is in one of the MSM folders and you want to install it on every bike including the bike where the *.pnt is located, the tool will print an error. Too lazy again to fix this

    • Tool crashed when folders weren't made before installing a skin. Fixed that in v0.2

    Otherwise that's all I have to say about that.

    Download v0.1 (OneDrive)

    Download v0.2 (OneDrive)
    Other / WeekendWarriors Gear and MSM Bike Paints
    June 25, 2018, 12:16:40 am

    WeekendWarriors Racing Team - est. 2018

    Hello people of the MX Bikes community. As you may have read, this is the thread to collect the skins and combinations of our riders.
    You can download the whole skin of one rider. There are also seperated download links for single skins.
    Just press "download" in the upper left corner and OneDrive will make a .zip out of it.

    The downloads are of course free and there are skins which were made by others of the community. Shoutout and credits to all the fabolous skinners which made all those skins available here in our forum!

    Bike Paints

    Last update: 07.07.2019

    download (OneDrive)

    read post (MXB-Mods.com)

    Team Gear

    Last update: 07.07.2019

    download (OneDrive)

    read post (MXB-Mods.com)

    For easy installation of the bike skins check out my little tool here.
    It allows you to install the bike skins faster for every bike. More details in the thread.

    Teams / WeekendWarriors Racing Team
    June 20, 2018, 11:02:38 pm

      WeekendWarriors Racing Team - est. 2018

      We are a fresh racing team named WeekendWarriors based in Germany.
      The team started as a three headed group of young and determined riders which will try their best to compete in top class races and tournaments.
      Competitors in Season '18 are iNsane, Leon Waters and Maveric. Details listed below.

      Rider name: iNsane
      Rider number: 283
      Competing in: MX1
      Preferred competition: MX

      Official races won: 0 / 0
      Official tournaments won: 0 / 0

      Rider name: Waters
      Rider number: 291
      Competing in: MX1
      Preferred competition: SX

      Official races won: 0 / 0
      Official tournaments won: 0 / 0

      Rider name: Maveric
      Rider number: 135
      Competing in: MX2
      Preferred competition: MX

      Official races won: 0 / 0
      Official tournaments won: 0 / 0

      Rider name: philiaN
      Rider number: 389
      Competing in: MX1
      Preferred competition: MX

      Official races won: 0 / 0
      Official tournaments won: 0 / 0

      Our main goal is having fun and gaining experience while racing online with others.
      Besides that we also try our best to be outstanding in the whole season and collect as many points as possible.

      But not only racing and winning is our intention.
      Currently I'm hosting some servers available for everyone to race Nationals and Supercross with others, to make things easier for riders with bad internet connection or bugged server hosting.

      To join directly, check out the official page.

      Everyone of us is racing and using custom skins of the bike and rider gear. Most stuff is available in Bj Slice's syncback (Thread), but some things are not available (e.g. O'Neal gear) so I've created an thread in the mods section to collect our skins and make them available for everyone, to be seen by everyone.

      Check it out here.

      Otherwise I think everything has been told and the last words only could be ...
      See you all on track!

      Media / MX Bikes - Whipshots!
      May 20, 2018, 02:16:03 am
      Hey guys,
      to keep the forum and mainly the screenshot section a little bit more active and sorted, I thought about opening a thread for screenshots of your best whips or scrubs.

      - Make sure to post your pictures with an [img] tag
      - If the picture has been taken in a higher resolution than 1280x720, or in general better quality, feel free to post a link to the original size
      - Please post whips and scrubs only, there's another thread for MX Bikes general screenshot stuff
      - After you posted in this thread and you want to add some more pictures, edit your post and add your new picture to it
      - Topic template

      A little game:
      To spice up some things, as soon as we reach 5 contestants, I'm going to make a poll once every two weeks for like 7 days and everyone who's looking at the posted pictures has one vote for his favorite user.
      The wins will be announced/noted on this main post behind the contestants name.

      Contestants: (click on a name to get to the users post)
      - iNsane
      (4 Pictures)
      - Twitch135
      (1 Picture)
      - Umpossible
      (1 Picture)
      - Leon_Waters
      (1 Picture)

      Enjoy the whip gallery :)