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August 23, 2019, 12:44:20 am


MX Bikes beta11d available! :)

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Suggestions and wishlist / Automatic bump generation
August 11, 2019, 12:47:40 pm
Hi there,

PiBoSo would you ever consider trying to add automatic braking and acceleration bump generation?

This could work differently to deformation as you wouldn't need to change the texture map at all, just add very slight whoop type bumps on extreme braking and acceleration sections. It could work somewhat like:

It wouldn't need to be extreme as lots of people would be braking and accelerating in the same spots, but if 10 people could add a bunch of fairly heavy bumps over the space of 20 laps that would be amazing I think.

Thanks  8)
Media / Ernée WIP - Chest cam
December 30, 2018, 01:06:33 am
Track Editing / Ernée
December 18, 2018, 08:42:59 pm
Hi all,

I have a request. Can anyone supply photos or videos of Ernée's buildings? Specifically the buildings to the left of the finish line, or to the right of the start straight. The big multi storey building..

I can't find much online and it's a pretty specific and weirdly shaped building lol.

Thanks in advance  8)
Track Editing / Streaming L3DT While Working
December 16, 2018, 06:25:04 pm
Just thought some of you might like to know that I'm starting to stream while I build Ernée.

I'm in the real early stages of heightmap and textures right now, so although I've missed some of the important stuff off the front there's still plenty to see especially for anyone interested in seeing just how I use L3DT.

As requested I will be looking into putting together a tutorial on how to make a track the L3DT way, as Geo and Sandbiter have other methods covered. This is something which will hopefully be half video and the rest streams.

Keep an eye on my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhoHnxKZCHSj43jRoK8rxA? and I will also post in the 'Streaming' room on Discord whenever I'm on.

Big thanks to gdub. Without him my stream wouldn't be possible and my PC would still be crawling slow  ;D
Tracks / Hawkstone Park V1
November 25, 2018, 10:36:36 pm
Hi All,

Had this one in the works for a while. I really didn't like how sand felt in B9, and now it's slightly better I decided to finish it off to a point I was happy to release.

Hawkstone Park is a classic British GP track dating back to the 1950's (although the hill was first used in 1938 for a hill climb event!). It still hosts the Hawkstone International once a year which brings out top European riders to compete.

As one of the most iconic tracks in the UK I had to make it. I'm really happy with how it rides and how good a replica it is although the environment could do with a bit of work, it's good enough for a first release. I've gone for a groomed track look as I love the way MXB looks when ruts start to form, no exception here, it looks a bit plain at first but once you're a few laps in, or online with a bunch of people, it ruts up quickly and both looks and rides great.

It's deep loamy sand, so it's 100% sand here. It's tough and demanding, and smaller bikes are going to have a hard time when the ruts start to build up.

One other thing. In light of people having trouble with collisions especially fences, I've decided to make nothing collideable. The other reason is that there are a lot of wooden fences here and the chance of flying over one is fairly high. I want people to have fun here not get pissed off that they're constantly having to reset on the centerline.

Hope you all enjoy!


Bug Reports / 450 bug?
November 25, 2018, 05:08:14 pm
Might be just me, so please if anyone else has this problem please let it be known.

Choosing the 450 is a total lottery for me. Sometimes I get a desktop crash when I select the MSM 450 from the bike select screen. Sometimes I get a desktop crash when I start to load a track. Sometimes I get a desktop crash when the track loads.

Very occasionally I get into a track and am able to ride anything from 2 seconds to a minute before I get a desktop crash.

This is all using default MSM 450. Anyone else have this?  :-\
Suggestions and wishlist / Deformation
November 21, 2018, 08:38:12 pm
Hey Pib / Snappe,

This is a long term request, something I think is sorely needed.

For a long time it's felt like bulldozing soil has been on the cards for a future update. While I think this is a much needed feature I also think deformation needs looking at in general.

Right now I think it's too hard. It takes one bike going over the same spot time and time again to make a few inches of rut that feels like hard concrete to ride in.

In reality, say on a freshly turned soil track, it takes 20 odd riders a good 10 laps taking one line in a corner to build a bermed rut. At least something solid you can use.. On other parts of the track you might get the odd tough rut but on the whole they will be mostly superficial and easy to plough through.

Right now it's too solid. I think bulldozing is necessary but I think with that the ground needs to deform faster and be more malleable. It can be less malleable as time goes on or as the rut gets deeper.

This would really set it apart from other deformation engines in my opinion.
Off Topic / What bike?
September 26, 2018, 03:58:55 pm
Hey all,

So I'm a couple of weeks away from having enough to get my first 250f, or first dirt bike in about 20 years and I still can't decide.

I hear, 08ish Honda's go through rods and the early EFIs bogged, I hear 08ish RMZ's transmissions are made of chocolate, I'm not a big Kawasaki fan but I'd love a 10 onwards YZF..

Ideally I'd love an RMZ so should I go for a 10 EFI?

Thoughts would be great :D

Suggestions and wishlist / Proper terrain shadows
September 05, 2018, 10:50:33 pm
Hey Pib..

Are you ever planning on integrating proper terrain shadows, i.e shadows cast from the terrain onto the terrain? Created at the same time as object shadows would be the best way to go I guess.

This would really make MXB pop, although I get it will involve fixing some double shadow bugs that you get from riding in an area that should be in shadow.
Suggestions and wishlist / Jump start
July 16, 2018, 10:56:27 am
Hey hey..

Can you please reconsider the jump start from MXB entirely? The gate should in theory prevent anyone from being able to jump start, and it's plagued online since the first time we could all play together.

There must be a better way of doing it, like create a bounding box that if left triggers a jump start, but make it big and forgiving. You should be able to nudge the gate with your front wheel and back up slightly without causing a jump start.

Better yet, allow the bike to move a certain amount and then hit an invisible wall behind so people can't get launch space.
Suggestions and wishlist / Deformation
July 15, 2018, 10:03:03 am
Hey hey..

Couple of suggestions for deformation for the future.

First one.. Would it be possible to change the rate of deformation per track instead of overall? This could be done in the track folder and if present in the track folder it could override the global setting. Perhaps you would still need an overriding server setting.. This could be done in the track folder INI..

Second.. It would also be nice to be able to change the deformation rate for the individual surface types within a track. This way we could make tracks that have a much wider spectrum of surfaces.

For example in track.tht:

material = sand
deformation_multiplier = 5
thickness = 0.05
mask = maps/track_mask2.tga
Bikes / Animated Parts Tutorial
July 09, 2018, 05:20:36 pm
This has been requested by a couple of people so here goes:

Animated bike parts are exported using named objects. For one object, let's use the rear shock for example, you would create two versions of the shock - One compressed, one uncompressed. Both will be exported together as part of the bike and the naming convention will dictate how they animate.

My rear shock included the linkage attached to the rear swingarm, so thats quite a few different meshes I've animated in one go. In the picture below, you can see how there are two versions of the shock together:

You can name the shock whatever, I've called mine 'spring' so the uncompressed version is called spring_shapeanim0key1, and the compressed version is called spring_shapeanim0key0

My shock objects are parented to the Chassis object. When this was explained to me it was said that the shock objects should be parented to the rear suspension. I guess it works both ways, but if they're parented to the rear suspension then key0 and key1 might need to be the other way around.

Same for the front cables. My cable is called 'cable', so when the suspension is compressed I have cable_shapeanim0key0, and when the suspension is uncompressed (extended) I have cable_shapeanim0key1:

These cables are parented to the front suspension:

The way I figured out where these cables will be, was after the geometry was complete I bottomed out the bike in game and took a screenshot. I moved the suspension to the same point in Blender and modeled the compressed suspension version on that. It might sound kind of sloppy, but it was actually pretty accurate.

Note: Once you're animated parts are on, you will no longer be able to load your geometry into BikeEd. It doesn't make a difference to the geom though, so make sure you have a version without animated parts you can use if you need to update geometry.

You can do brake cables left and right when you steer too, to simulate cables being stretched and relaxed when steering. To do this, you'd create three different cable models, say for full lock left, center and full lock right. You'd call these something like cables_shapeanim0key0, cables_shapeanim0key1 and cables_shapeanim0key2. These would need to be parented to the steer object. I've not done these though so can't comment on how it works.

Now, select your entire bike including both rear shocks and both front cables and anything else you've animated, and export the whole lot. FBX2EDF will merge both objects into an animated part.

Thanks to PiBoSo for enlightning me with this information. I believe Snappe is supposed to be releasing an up to date bike template including animated parts, but until that happens I hope this helps some people out there!
Bikes / Alta Redshift MXR 2018
July 07, 2018, 09:54:49 am
Hi all,

Here is my version of the Alta Redshift MXR. I've called it 2018 because it may as well be, but due to lack of reference pictures I think I've based it more on a 2017 model - There aren't really many differences visually. Ever since I first saw this bike I knew it would be a really unique and interesting bike to have in MXB, so I finally made it.

Please make sure you READ THE USER GUIDE BELOW before using the bike.

The model is edge split so no normal map, and it's actually remained a pretty decent size. The model really didn't take all that long.

This is I believe the first custom bike to include an animated rear shock and front brake cable. The rear shock looks great in replays but you don't notice it so much if in 3rd person, but the front brake cable brings a lot of immersion when riding in 1st person as it frees up when the suspension is compressed. I really wanted to add an LCD panel in the barpad computer with status light around the outside, but unfortunately that's not currently possible in MXB so perhaps in a future update.

The Alta's engine and geometry were compiled by Asdrael who did a fantastic job. This bike feels like I'd imagine it would in real life - It's got a ton of go, and when using the included 'overclocked' engine map it will be very competetive with other 250F's - Can't wait to ride this online in an MX2 lobby to see how it holds up!

I've included three paints - Redshift MX, Redshift MXR and what I've called Monster MXR - the graphics kit Josh Hill ran at the Red Bull Straight Rhythm just for fun, because there really aren't that many graphics options available for the Alta right now excluding custom jobs.

I'd like to first give a huge thanks to Asdrael for taking the time to make a proper engine for this bike, I can't say enough how much of an amazing job he's done, and how well it works considering the game doesn't support electric engines right now, and of course for giving the geometry the OEM treatment. The bike wouldn't have been in game without you mate simple as that  :D

I'd also like to thank PiBoSo - Firstly for letting me bend his ear on Steam about things I didn't understand (turned out to be a Blender FBX export issue ;D), for walking me through the animated part process, and for allowing me to use the stock transmission on and off load sound samples for the Alta's engine. These sound files are still encrypted as that's the way I used them, so nothing in the Alta is ripped or hacked.

I'd also like to thank Vortex_Damien, RC4187, HFR610P, Pacopastor, Geofanatec, Mace-X and anyone who I've forgotten who's helped me learn to model in Blender.

Hope you all enjoy - over to Asdrael:

MXB Alta user guide

  • Neutral ("N") is off. First gear ("1") is on.
  • There are no gears - stay in "first".
  • There is virtually no clutch. Turn off all clutch and shifting assists or it will bug out.
  • The bike should never stall.
  • The engine picks up only when at a complete stop or moving forward. If you go backwards, it won't run! (best done by light press of the front brake when going from a full stop).
  • All engine maps have the engine breaking equivalent of a 250f.
  • Depending on the map used, the "battery" should last between 45min and 2h.
  • The engine is capped at 65mph max speed with stock gearing (equivalent to 14000rpm from the engine).

Alta OEM process for anyone interested:

All geometry and values were taken from the Alta spec sheet and data given by Alta owners on their own forums (in particular, the dyno of all 4 maps of an MXR - thanks to Philip there!). The geometry was no particular issue, the engine is... electric. The only engine model currently in game is a combustion engine with gears and a clutch. This was heavily modified and tuned to accommodate an electric engine, which means there are some caveats.
  • There is actually a fuel tank of 0.2L with an ultra high fuel efficiency. So fuel weight shouldn't be an issue.
  • Normally, you can combine each power map with an engine breaking map (from no engine breaking to 450f equivalent). I just used a 250f model for all, this could be expanded on.
  • The clutch is still there (you can't remove it). It's just set as an on/off clutch. Don't use it ever, it makes no sense.
  • The hard cap of 14000rpm for the electric engine has been replaced by a silent limiter. Should function the same way.
  • Since there is no gearbox IRL, there is also no gear ratio. Since I had to use one in game, I put only 1 gear with a ratio of 1 (25/25 for thermal reasons).
  • The engine should never stall because stalling torque is 0 and every other standby value is at 1.
  • For the curious, the engine maps look like this: https://gyazo.com/4e84932b551c1b262234dea490d086ca (that's map 2 - Sport-,  0 to 15000rpm, 40hp max).

So to summarise the key points:

  • DON'T use Auto Clutch

  • If you roll backwards, BRAKE before you can throttle

  • Make sure you explore the ENGINE MAPS in the garage - Overclocked is best match for 250F


And remember, I get requests sometimes for this so I started including it - Feel free to Buy Me a Beer if you want to.

Enjoy all  ;D
Bikes / Bike Template
May 06, 2018, 08:33:26 am

Might be a bit outdated I guess? If you download the template and put it in your bikes folder, the template bike shows up in the menu but crashes when launching a track.
Tracks / 2018 Anaheim 1
April 01, 2018, 10:47:18 pm
I really wasn't planning on releasing anything this beta as I've not enjoyed it so much. but I fancied working on a track or two for fun so figured I'd get this one roughly out of the way first. It's not 100% finished and right now it's only a day practice version but it's rideable, raceable and so on.

Everything made by me. Not to an amazing quality but good enough in my opinion until someone comes along who has the drive to increase the detail on things. It features Angel stadium and surrounding environment, tuff blocks, new gate.edf, supercross lineup gate, finish line, timing gates and inside thingys.

Anyone who notices some stuff that's not quite finished it's because right now I'm not interested in finishing tracks for release.

Have fun!

DOWNLOAD (01/04/2018)
And remember, you can always buy me a beer for all my hard work   ;)

Off Topic / It's time
March 27, 2018, 07:46:32 pm
20 years off a bike and I've had it.. This is happening!

General Discussion / Daily Development Log
January 21, 2018, 11:48:17 am
PiBoSo, why are you no longer using the daily development log over on the PiBoSo board?
Off Topic / Merry Christmas
December 24, 2017, 08:34:04 pm
Timezones and all that, so wishing you all a merry Christmas now!

Hope everyone has a great time  8)

Hey hey!

Unadilla 2016 / 2017 (Unadilla B7b updated 23rd November).

It feels like I've spent more time on this than Red Bud. It's about as accurate as it gets without getting too obsessed about the off track areas.

In the interest of time, which I don't have too much of these days, I've really not put too much effort into the objects on this track. The off track is pretty basic, the pit area is plain with no tents and I've only modelled the main buildings. This doesn't take away from the experience at all though in my opinion, and I just wanted to get the track released instead of spending ages perfecting something that doesn't add to the ride.

Couple of cool things are the lake and the windows, as I learnt how to add the reflection shader with a custom environment map to track objects, and of course the track normal map which kind of mimics an off season dry /  slightly ridden surface. The deformation get's hectic here.


Updated version 23rd November 2017. Removed normal layer on top and added pitboards.

DOWNLOAD (Updated 23rd Nov)
And remember, you can always buy me a beer for all my hard work   ;)

Other / Atlas Air Neckbrace.. (I know, been done)
November 12, 2017, 12:29:16 pm
Here we have my Atlas Air Neckbrace.

I must have missed the original thread because I didn't spot the one that was released a while back.. If it was part of Sync I must have missed that too, because I decided to make one earlier in the year. Once I figured out someone had already made one, I decided not to release it, but since using both I prefer mine for size and shape so thought others might too..

It's 100% custom made by me, model, textures, norms etc.

Enjoy :)