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January 26, 2021, 06:09:50 PM


MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

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Well no wonder!!!

Got it working, got online after 10 mins crashed and then MXB would not start, 15th or 20th install and is working for now.

I need you guys to practice so I can set up OBS to record n stream BUT.....................

The track cams suck big time!!!

There is no real track cams as in GPB that follow a rider round the track and make it impossible to get a good kind of  TV style coverage!!! How am I supposed to cover a race if most cams are miles from the track or in a barn???

WTF...............................Now I get bike mismatch again and have the set you sent me, first time said mismatch RMZ 250 2016, so went and selected that bike then tried to join again and just said bike mismatch

If I use the set you said is from the server why do I keep getting mismatches with them????

Just make sure that the bikes and all  paints are clearly named or in folders to know where they go I aint no MX boy lol.

Ok so I did an old GPB trick and extracted the pkz file too and that did the trick. Normally dont have to extract the bike pkz, at least not in GPB.

Now I need rider kit to and all paints.


I got all those bro

Quote from: geofanatec on October 05, 2016, 07:09:53 PM
Bike pack sent is exactly from server (even with default bikes). No way this shouldn't work.

Hmm.......is the "bikes.pkz" still in the main MXB folder?

If not, then this may be the issue

Yep its there I aint new to mods lol

THanks m8

Never had tracks cause a bike error so it must be ONE bike lol

Or if someone who races copies all their stuff and can upload it?

So deleted EVERYTHING MXB from my system

Downloaded beta4 and tracks and bikes as you said and still fucking bike mismatch!!!!

7 times dude!!!!

I dont get it.

Thanks m8

I have to remake all 3 servers for GPB first as beta9 just got released and will get right back on this when done tomorrow. Guess my date is off lol

Sorry mate but its like being a total noob in MXB as there is so much to have to have and I am REAL busy as I got 3 systems to build and do GPB too!!!

Thanks for all you guys helping me sort this out


EDIT: Great intro, I am shit at that kind of thing doing it quickly but will try and sort something out or if there is the original video that I could edit i Sony Vega Pro13 it would help.
Fresh install of beta4, the tracks you told me and only added the bikes you said and get bike mismatch still. Deleted the bikes and still get mismatch WTF


EDIT: I need a DL of a COPY of the bikes on the server.

I will also need rider stuff or the kits will be default!!!
Not just RMZ and did full delete of bikes and added full set but still mismatch

Will do full install in the morning

Okay got my id sorted but get bike mismatch and I do not have time to go through how many years of bikes to find whats wrong. I NEED a FULL bike set for MX1 and MX2 at least to get on GTX servers

I got the DL pack from the PM earlier but something is missing???


I cocked up my online account as I have forgotten the first name I used and need to sort it out first.

I upped he internet on my servers to 200MB/200MB for speed but not sure what the MXB server is like will have to test once I sign up for online in MXB