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August 10, 2020, 03:51:13 AM


MX Bikes beta14e available! :)

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Bikes / Re: pay2021 skins on oem bikes
May 08, 2020, 11:12:21 AM
Piboso has publically said he doesn't want milestone rips. We're here to help piboso keep them away.

Againz everything has been resolved already, so no need to discuss about it anymore :)
Bikes / Re: pay2021 skins on oem bikes
May 07, 2020, 09:57:08 PM
All has been resolved already.
Quote from: Vilas on May 07, 2020, 03:53:38 PMHello!

This is not working for me like i used to do in the past with all OEM PACKS.
I extract it and the folder with the name of the bikes are empty, so i cannot add paints or sounds.
I need help.


You need to extract all files + folders into your documents mods/bikes folder.
Paints and sounds should be extracted in the folders.
Do you have any pictures of this problem?
Bikes / Re: pay2021 skins on oem bikes
May 06, 2020, 06:04:48 PM
Quote from: pay2021 on May 06, 2020, 05:38:54 PMWhy i rip bikes? because i want to explore the full graphics potential of MXB, and mi*leston models are top of the graphics industry, i like to see "how they looked in MXB engine", of course using basics physics.

Is that bad?
No, I don't consider exploring the potentional of MXB using other's work bad. However, releasing them to the public, without permission of the original creator, I do consider bad.

Quote from: pay2021 on May 06, 2020, 05:38:54 PMWould you frustrate a child's dreams?
I wouldn't. I clearly explained in my previous post that we shouldn't do that, and why we shouldn't.

Quote from: pay2021 on May 06, 2020, 05:48:59 PMI offer that all the time!!! and the response i get is "i want to do it myself" wich is the best response i can get.

I am the first one to want to know "how they look ingame" since i work with computer graphics, is my fetiche.

Anyone can come and ask for help, people know i never say "no, i can't"

Asdrael wasn't asking for help. Asdrael was offering to help you.
Bikes / Re: pay2021 skins on oem bikes
May 06, 2020, 05:28:42 PM
First of all, the sound mods are from Beyer, not from GDUBMX. GDUBMX is simply sharing them with permission from Beyer.

Secondly, if you'd done any research or had been part of this community for a longer time, you'd known we've had lots of discussions about ripped content before. I for one do not condone any rips.

Thirdly, the images you provided, which shows ripped helmets and boots, are from mods which were released before Mx Bikes got a big audience, thus things not having to be as strict as they have to be now. Back when they were released there were maybe a total of 10 - 20 active players. Due to today's higher player counts, we need to keep everything under control and do it the way PiBoSo wants it. PiBoSo has clearly stated he doesn't want to see any ripped content.

Surely there are mods that we won't notice, but we try our best to keep ripped content away from MXB as much as we can.

Using examples of old mods doesn't make what you do right.

Then again, when I was a 10 year old kid, I wanted to design my own bikes. I had no idea how people did this, and I couldn't speak a word English. I did what I thought everyone did and that was to edit an existing bike, without knowing that was the wrong thing to do. Fortunately I quickly learned how to make legit bikes and I make my own games these days. What I am trying to say by this is, if there is a kid who makes his first every bike by using someone else's as a start, and he doesn't know it's not the right thing to do, we need to explain why he's not supposed to do it that way, and we should teach him how he can make his own from scratch. We shouldn't be the ones blaming a kid for not knowing how to make his own bike.

You on the other hand, you are surely older than 10 years old and should know what the right thing is.
Bikes / Re: pay2021 skins on oem bikes
May 05, 2020, 06:12:14 PM
Like the guys above me said, pay2021's models are stolen from other games. These games pay professional 3D artists to get the best looking bikes. Pay simply stole them and imported it in MXB. OEM models are all made by hobbyist 3D artists from the community. That also means that the liveries from pay 'his' models aren't interchangable.

The reason why pay's mods don't handle as good is because he hasn't spend nearly as much time on setting all bikes up properly as Asdrael did for the OEMs. Every OEM bike is made to replicate a real bike as good as possible, from the amount of engine braking to the position and amount of fuel that goes in a bike. There's a lot that goes into making the OEMs as good as they are, hence why we usually have to wait long for bigger updates.
General Discussion / Re: Hi everyone!
April 29, 2020, 12:22:10 AM
Hi Pulse! Good to have you with us. I'm Sandhapper from the MXS forums, I was very active in the same years as you were.

Feel free to join our discord, it's our main communication channel.
My bad for spreading invalid information. I didn't know this was possible!
Other / Re: Custom rider model and animations talk
April 25, 2020, 03:34:23 PM
I'm not sure how difficult it is to get a rider model + proper animations in game, although I can imagine it being a difficult task, especially since there is 0 documentation about this.

Manu has told me that the whole process is too long to explain, although I'm sure if we have specific questions he'd help us out.

If I were to begin with this myself, I'd start with trying to add new marshals, as I think that'd work the same as the rider, but not as hard to implement due having way less animations and not having to worry about physics.
Other / Re: Custom rider model and animations talk
April 25, 2020, 12:39:03 PM
Quote from: Jibbz on April 25, 2020, 12:17:45 PMNo news about this "project" in 2020?

There is some recent news actually.
Thanks to the latest tools, it is possible to create new models and animations.

The best choice is to use your own skeleton so you dont depend on Piboso's models and animations. However, you need to know how each animation is named. You will also need to modify the rider gfx.cfg to set the names of the bones correctly. AFAIK, this is all done using 3ds max 2010 and Piboso's export plugins.

I haven't tried it myself yet because I have been busy with other projects, although Manu did make a new rider model for GPB. You can find his Discord here: https://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=6923.0

Pictures from Manu himself, casual and female rider model:

General Discussion / Re: MX Bikes beta14b
April 23, 2020, 12:44:59 PM
Great changes!
I'm excited to see how well the accuracy is now, and I hope the smoothness is still enough!
I think, for rectangles, only 2k x 4k / 1k x 2k is possible etc. I don't think 1k x 4k is possible.
Tracks / Re: 2017 KEGUMS MXGP
April 21, 2020, 08:50:50 PM
Quote from: vinke swedish on April 21, 2020, 08:37:48 PMimporting a heigtmap in mxb is not snapping your fingers and having the track part magic ig. far from respecting it a minimum work to do. If the track and here is that all the permission has been given ..

I've never said importing a heightmap into MXB is just snapping your fingers, and I've never said I don't want to see MX Sim imports. I'm simply asking for honesty and clarity. However, importing a terrain from MX Sim saves quite a lot of work and stress.

Respecting is the minimum to do? I personally feel like there hasn't been any respect in regard to the original heightmap creator. I doubt even you know who made the original heightmap.

I do understand that EMF has the rights to the MX Sim track, and Conceptgraff has just told me he's gotten permission from Yohann to import it into MXB. However, I don't agree with Yohann's decision to let Conceptgraff import the terrain into a different game, while the terrain was made by Kristoffer and not by the whole EMF crew.

What I think would've been the best option, was to see a proper explenation of how the track was created, who you've got permission from, and who the original creator is (specifically).

Once again, I didn't attack anyone. And I don't see why it's such a big problem that I said that I think the original track creator should be thanked more clearly.
Tracks / Re: 2017 KEGUMS MXGP
April 21, 2020, 07:10:02 PM
Quote from: Big Smooth one3 on April 21, 2020, 06:41:28 PMIs this created using the terrain we built for Kegums in the 2017 MXSGP series? If so - IF - hope you got Kris's approval to use it since I believe he was the one who put the time in to build it. Again...if, have no clue if that's what you've used or not, just seems curious to make the 2017 layout randomly - and I could be misremembering who it was that built that heightmap, too, so just curious.

Pretty sure it is since he thanked EMF.

I think tracks like these need to show better who the original creator is. I haven't downloaded the track, so I can't say anything about the following, but I hope the original creator's name (not EMF, but more specific) is listed under "author" in game.