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October 13, 2019, 11:03:36 pm


MX Bikes beta12 available! :)

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Races / Re: Winchester Race #1 - OCT/1...
Last post by philiaN - Today at 08:59:18 pm
Here are the results. Thanks for the race guys.

Races / Re: MXB of Nations - OCT/12/20...
Last post by Sandbiter - Today at 02:43:48 pm
Overall results:
1. The Netherlands (3)
2. Germany (6)
3. United Kingdom (9)
4. Canada (18, best finish 4th in last moto)
5. Isle of Man (18, best finish 4th in 2nd moto)
6. United states (18, best finish 5th)
7. Austria (33)
8. France (36)

Race 1 (MSM MX1):

Race 2 (MSM MX2):

Race 3 (OEM MX2):

Races / Re: Winchester Race #1 - OCT/1...
Last post by Sandbiter - Today at 02:20:13 pm
Ruubs - 317
Races / Winchester Race #1 - OCT/13/20...
Last post by philiaN - Today at 01:59:27 pm
Announcing a Race at Winchester on the MX2 OEM

Racing will begin on Sunday OCT/13/2019 at 5:00 P.M UTC

Which mods you need:
Bikes: MX2 OEM MXB-mods.com - OEM PACK
Track: Winchester (stock)
Race information:
Race1: 10 laps (~25min)
Race2: 10 laps (~25min)

Collisions and deformation will be on.
Reset Deformation after Practice

Post Below to reserve a place including your Name and Race number (make sure not to post a number already chosen).
Bikes / Re: New 450 4-stroke sound
Last post by lmscl - October 12, 2019, 10:56:29 pm
I just changed the limiter.wav to the msm 450xf one and I think it sounds better
Races / Re: MXB of Nations - OCT/12/20...
Last post by Gracek #338 - October 12, 2019, 08:52:53 pm
i couldnt join lol

Races / Re: MXB of Nations - OCT/12/20...
Last post by FryedroPonics - October 12, 2019, 07:38:25 pm
well my feed back would be to get the disqualification fixed on starts is the number one thing right now, that will drive a lot of people away from the game in its self. not just for the ones who dont get to race but just the hassle you have to go through just for one gate drop. i was perfectly fine on the gate both times, but when i went to line up for the last restart and my game crashes.. i joined back and was on the gate in time for the next restart but when it restarted, it put me on the track before the finish line and i was invisible to everyone when i caught them cos i kept getting plowed through lol and that was the only race i had time to do so hopefully better luck for me next time lol

i do appreciate you guys putting the race on tho, hopefully you guys can get the DQ problem figured out and we can have some battles soon (:
General Discussion / Re: help
Last post by justinross - October 12, 2019, 07:26:46 pm
Quote from: teeds on October 12, 2019, 12:29:35 pmWhips haven't changed much at all, they works as before for me? And how many clothes you wear while playing is your own business  ;D
🤦🏼‍♂️ lol something has changed for me. And game seems a little laggy or Clichy now. Wasn't like that before the new update. I played almost every other day
Races / Re: MXB of Nations - OCT/12/20...
Last post by philiaN - October 12, 2019, 04:35:24 pm
Hi guys,

to inform you guys this event is meant as a Server/Engine Stress test. Our goal for coming championships is to get informations about:
How many player can handle the engine/server? And if we encounter problems, is there a way to fix those.
In last beta's we had several problems like:

1. Connecting Problems - For a certain number of players already joined the server, others could no longer join the server.
2. DSQ because of Jumpstart - To avoid this: dont touch the gate and dont move to much!
3. Ghosting -> Rider disappearing in the first turn and get visible again after some time. Worstcase they stay invisible for the whole race.
3.1 Server crash -> Server no longer counting the laps and chat isn't working anymore. Check the discord channel #mxbon-oct122019 we'll inform you there.
4. Stucked in objects or other bikes.
4.1 Objects: Hold the reset button for 3secs, the track must be free.
4.2 Bikes: This can be a problem, because the track isn't free. That means you can't use the long reset, but try it. If nothing helps one of them has to go to pit and watch the race via replay.
5. Game crashes - It can be pretty random (touching other riders, objects etc.)
6. Laggs/Frozen game - because of someone is trying to join the server
7. Reset spawn - Spawning on a complete different location
8. Other problems

Please give feedback after that event in the discord channel or forum.

So take it easy and stay till the end of the event.
If you haven't already signed up, please do so! That would be pretty helpful to us and the devs.
Bikes / Re: 2018 Pitbike by RC
Last post by FryedroPonics - October 12, 2019, 01:02:40 pm
i was playin around with it a bit. not on servers tho
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