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January 23, 2020, 09:50:06 am


MX Bikes beta13c available! :)

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Bug Reports / Re: Invaled Login: please regi...
Last post by teeds - Today at 09:44:25 am
OK, have you registered here - http://stats.mx-bikes.com/register.php ?
Last post by Factoryphil_13 - Today at 05:12:06 am
Just bought and downloaded the game through steam. I select play, it brings up to either play or choose vr, I choose play normal and nothing happen. Game demo works perfectly fine.
Tracks / Re: [UPDATED 1/22] 2020 SX Rep...
Last post by CSchmied986 - Today at 04:34:47 am
Would really love to see your tracks with objects and stadiums! They ride great, and making these tracks will bring us closer to a real race series, and more interest in this game.
Track Editing / Re: TFC's Track Creation Tutor...
Last post by Crucify - Today at 02:07:44 am
OLD MCM track creator here, I just stumbled across this Sim a few days ago.
Outstanding job from what I can tell so far. Who is the actual team or person that brought MX-Bikes to life?
I see we can still use our old height maps from MCM, that's nice. I'll have to dig through my mess and find my old tracks.

Do any of you use TS or Voice of any kind? I'm sure I'm going to drive someone nuts with questions.
I haven't had a chance to over the docs yet, wondering, can we apply material maps over the height map for such things as traction and different substrate?

Media / Re: Mx Bikes - Screenshots!
Last post by jtrs_61 - Today at 01:37:41 am
stevo online.jpg
Media / Re: Mx Bikes - Screenshots!
Last post by jtrs_61 - Today at 01:34:24 am
good riding with ya stevo! love that you can finesse and get good and close! block passes and all!epic game!

Tracks / Re: 2020 SX Replica's (Backyar...
Last post by Big Smooth one3 - January 22, 2020, 11:12:43 pm
Download link is below, just want to make a few notes on this week's track:
  • Again...backyard, pretend you've got unlimited resources and are building replica layouts in your backyard, just to have some fun
  • Tried something different with scaling this week, would be interested to hear thoughts if anyone has them
  • Reverted back to an older texture map for the bottom layers of deformation, and thickened those layers up a bit, so hopefully we won't see the space-dusk-like weird bottom layer color pop out like it did on A2
  • No walls this week! haha
  • I knew that I wasn't going to have more time this week to work on this, hence why I'm posting today. Thanks to Niko (hopefully I got that right) for his Blender tutorial video in English, which I am part way through - point is, I'm hoping to learn how to start adding even just simple objects to these, most notably bales, in the future
  • On that note, you'll notice a few sections that I've tried to...limit...what I thought were video-game-only lines. I was a bit bummed with how the split lane entry turned out in A2, so I've added a bit more in the way of terrain deterrence in a few spots - you'll see them. If building tracks in any mx game, this one or otherwise, has taught me anything, it's that someone will always find a way to game the layout, or hit something in a way you didn't think was possible which nullifies the barriers put in place to make those unrealistic lines at least incredibly difficult. The main one this week is definitely still possible for you highly skilled players out there, but it shouldn't be easy (hopefully) or at least easily repeatable (...hopefully), and I hope that's an understandable approach to this problem in trackbuilding. Once you get on the track you'll see what I mean. If you have thoughts on that general philosophy and people think it's making these less fun, let me know!
  • Lastly, as always, this was built on my best interpretation of the track map that was published publicly. I can almost guarantee the irl layout will differ in at least a few ways, but hopefully this is still fun to ride a few laps on leading up to the race this weekend.

All that said, hope you enjoy, let me know if anyone has feedback - cheers.

Bug Reports / Re: Invaled Login: please regi...
Last post by vCrashed - January 22, 2020, 10:18:14 pm
On Website
General Discussion / Re: Mods aren't working for me...
Last post by teeds - January 22, 2020, 10:17:21 pm
Do you have a bikes "folder" in the install directory? If so delete it. You should also have a bikes.pkz in there too, leave this as it contains the default bikes only.

I take it the game does work online and in testing with stock tracks and bikes?
Documentation / MxBikes URL Protocol Handler s...
Last post by Niko Mouk - January 22, 2020, 10:17:03 pm
Hey dear developers,
Would it be possible to give us the MxBikes URL Protocol Handler script ?
The goal is to make the Steam versions able to open servers URL. Need it for the racing website I'm working on.

Thanks  :)
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