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YouTube commentary

Started by GDUBMX, September 14, 2016, 06:13:18 PM

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Been getting a lot of requests to add commentary to my videos.
Im not 100% buzzed about it but want to  expose the game more so commentary would help with that, like.  What do you think?
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Do it. I think you are a native english speaker, so that helps. You can do a track review, as it's the easiest for of commentary possible. Objective data, subjective impressions, using the video as a background. You need to write your script first and not improvise otherwise it will be me.

The other option would be to record an online session where we are all hanging out on a voice server.

I'd do it for a SX tutorial, but people would scream Baguette a me or something.
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Asdrael your English is better than mine sometimes haha..

Gdub, I think you should do it. It's not something I like the idea of doing, probably for similar reasons but that's why I only really use my YouTube account to showcase things I work on.

I think for a gaming channel to grow in this day and age you need to be fairly multi-talented I.e filmer, editor, and presenter. You got the first two down, watch the subs roll in when you commentate, and if you want more than that then get a decent webcam and become a real personality.

Commentary is more than enough to start though.


If you do commentary, try to stand apart by NOT starting with "Hey guys!". Just a suggestion.
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