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September 24, 2020, 06:24:18 AM


MX Bikes beta14e available! :)

My first track and learning the ropes

Started by rainey06au, January 20, 2020, 05:35:07 PM

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January 20, 2020, 05:35:07 PM Last Edit: January 24, 2020, 07:04:38 AM by rainey06au
Totally new around here and new to MX Bikes in general (2 weeks in and loving it!).  People might know of me as the author of a mod racetrack originally designed for Assetto Corsa that got ported (without my permission) to GP Bikes, called Baskerville Raceway. I love racing sims, and I love creating, so those two passions combine once again since I've discovered that Piboso had released a MX Sim (I do own MX Simulator and have previously considered that game a masterpiece but gone slightly stale due to slow development) - MX Bikes is just what I was looking for (without looking!) so naturally I decided to play with the track tools and make my first experiment something that is loosely based on my local MX track (Cambridge Motocross in Tasmania, AUS) with added gnarly factor - not that I've ever ridden it in real life.  I've started by making a height map using a satellite image as a template and tracing around it - I have no idea what the sim scale will be like, I haven't seen any info on scaling in the threads here but my HM and CM are at 4096+1 but my render mesh is slightly lower poly.  I haven't gotten to the import process yet but have been rendering my progress as a 3D object with a version of the satellite image that I retouched for colour as well.  This is my progress so far!

And some terrain only renders - I'm really not sure if it's a good idea to have baked ruts into my height map already..

All feedback welcome! It's very early days but hopefully I can get something running in the sim over the next few days.


Welcome here!
Check this TFC's tutorials, scale and everything will be more clear for you then.
Track looks really nice so far, good to see new people making tracks. This game needs content!


January 22, 2020, 11:00:43 AM #2 Last Edit: January 22, 2020, 11:52:31 AM by rainey06au
Thanks mate! I've been reading through the Text Guide thread by PhiliaN and the general help thread started by Ruubs, there's a lot in there that has been really helpful.

I figured out the process to compile everything I need... how to scale the track correctly and get it into the sim. I haven't really figured out the science behind the Centerline, Start, Pit's in TrackED.exe etc. but I did enough to get it working and keeping laptimes with a couple of checkpoints. I had to reprocess my heightmap a few times, lengthen some bumps and humps, and I decided to remove the layer I made for the grooves using the satellite image, as it was just simply too rough/sketchy and not fun to ride.  I haven't really had too many dramas getting this far and having a rideable and quite enjoyable track for both 250 and 450's. Probably the only short snag I had was working out how to rotate and free fly around in Mapview.exe (lol), turns out just holding CTRL gives you mouse look and you can move with the arrow keys! Duh!

So today's big ugly reveal is a short video of my noob'ing my way around the track in a 250 and a 450. My riding is terrible (I am riding will all assists off) and I cut a few crashes, but it should give some sort of impression of flow or lack of.. The whoops need feathering and lowering, and a lot of the berms need extensions on corner exit to be a bit more rider friendly.

Anyway, here's the video!

Niko Mouk

Hey nice begin man, keep pushing, take your time to learn the techniques :)
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Thanks mate, gradually getting a better understanding of how things work with the game engine.  Latest build of the track is looking and working much nicer. The flow has been improved but still needs some adjusting.

I've discovered that the deformation groove doesn't cut into the heightmap at pure black so I might have to raise the lowest point by a few px. Some of the jumps kick you like a raging bull which can be quite hard to get right consistently. Overall its pretty fun though!  Next challenge is to figure out scenery objects.


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Thanks mate, I'm getting there!  Moving onto objects next but I did another short video of a lap after tweaking some of the flow a little better. It's ride-able now but there's still some major commitment zones that need refinement or an alternative.


A few more updated screenshots.

And a very short video of a split double feature. :)

I have made a early alpha version available to download on my Drive if anyone is keen to run a few laps. It's not server/race ready though.

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Just downloaded this & ran a few laps on the 450 - very fun to ride, lot's of jumps to whip & especially liking the feature jump (or whatever you want to call it xD The jump with 2 options!). Lot's of high-speed corner's as well, must manage my throttle control as the rear-end likes to slide out. An inside berm on 1 or 2 of those high-speed corner's would be cool! ;)
Not sure how this track rides on anything other than a 450. None-the-less, great job! Looking forward to more progress on this track - it has a lot of potential!  8)
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Awesome! Thanks for trying it out! I might throw in some more berms and undulations to keep it interesting, a couple of people have suggested that because it's quite buttery smooth at the moment.  After 30 laps or so it gets nicely rutted out as well. It's pretty cool to just run laps for a while and try to shred it up.  You're right on the 450, anything less and it's very tricky to make the landings.  I probably need to make the landings more forgiving eventually.


Just played this track its really good would probably only use a 450 cause the jumps are huge however the track flows really well and the split jump is really cool the only things that need work in my opinion would be widening the landings of a few jumps and making a few landing a little less steep and maybe the start cause its kinda confusing but considering this is your first track your pretty good at it lol