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Best Whip Contest?

Started by 𝖙𝖋𝖈, April 29, 2016, 11:01:11 AM

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Hey all..

So beta 4s been out long enough for us to have some real fun and get used to the physics. Who thinks it's time for a friendly best whip contest?

I was thinking that we pick one jump, everyone gets say 2 weeks to submit a video of themselves maybe doing max 2 whips and then we vote.

Winner would get their vid in a spot over at MXBC for a while, if it's popular maybe for 2 weeks while we run another.

Just a bit of fun, before doing anything official who would be in?



Count me in mate.  The 3rd jump on paleta is pretty gnarly
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I'm in. I like the finish jump on MXBC Compound.

EDIT: Or on Paleta the jump before finish.


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i'm in too ! +1 for Paleta


I'm all over it baby +2 for paleta you guys think maybe the table after the down hill it's good for setting up, or the double table section I vote for that stretch hit them both!!👍


Wait I don't know that big booter at the end of compound is pretty big lots of time to get that ass way out there!




Love the rev smoke to straighten the bike! <3


Can't see that on my phone but will check it later..

Nice to see some interest! Will work out the details and get it started tonight :D


ill try dont know how to send videos or anything but i vote paleta
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I am already finished. + Two, for paleta, all of you think that maybe the table behind the hill is really good.
For the setting or the pair table, I voted for the elongation to affect both of them.


Old topic but I'd love to revive this.