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April 13, 2021, 06:08:18 AM


MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

2016 Honda 250/450

Started by StoneRider, May 10, 2016, 05:26:57 PM

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but i really feel like the crf is the best bikes ever released on mxb. may be take time to get use to it and perhaps set all the bikes on the crf as a base. or, keep the msm engine. Just tell me


It would be nice if we can have both!? One Stock (Races) and one modified version.


i think everyone here is right in there own sense but in my own opinion i think everybike should have the same engine just tweaked for each bike/model and just change the way the bike handles but thats just my take on this situation not like it really matters but there ya go
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I don't want to ride a Kawasaki if it has the same engine as a Honda,
what's the point of modding then? Why not just use skins for the MSM
Bike from PiBoSo?  :o

You don't spend 50 bucks on a Lobster diner in the hopes that it taste like Spaghetti!  ???
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May 15, 2016, 04:29:18 AM #34 Last Edit: May 15, 2016, 04:32:01 AM by BadStar
Stone, I think you do an excellent job in tweaking the bikes and please continue.. I would recommend for now, release a version that is more consistent w/ PiBoSo's work(not exact of course) bc the sim is based around those bikes.. at the same time, this is a BETA and you never know, PiBoSo very well may take your tweaks and use what he likes (he should)..

Like I said, I think you are actually 100% correct that the 250msm could you some pep, and your crf/kxf have it! I just think that due to the game being based of the msm, the tweaks should not vary far away from origin too dramatically. Maybe one day piboso will beef up the 250 and in turn will allow you to do the same with your bikes.

Lets say the MSM's are a KTM... 

The CRF's could very slightly in whichever respects they do irl.. same with the YZF and so on.. (from what Ive read the YZF has more power all through the rpm range and the CRF has more stable turning capabilities etc.. so maybe this type of tweaking could be it..

Stone, you do an excellent job.. let's try and set a standard with the msm and go from there.. lets list the "qood/bads" of the msm and tweak the others around it.

So whatever the bads are, make the CRF make up for and lack in other places.. same with YZF/KXF/etc...

Just wait to turn your bikes into beast mode down the road when  all the other bikes have similar beast mode..

Like I said, KTM/CRF/YZF/RMZ/KXF would not compete if they were not very similiar irl, even with the noticeable differences between them!

Wow..rant, done.

ps. we are all very passionate simulator fans obviously. So please do not get discouraged over our opinions !!! We love the work!
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badstar you are very correct about the yz and crf comparison my yz always outruns the crf in the rpm area and my crf is very stable in the corners and stone you are doing an amazing job keep it up
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I think everyone has a valid point. I guess I'm on the bench right now and was just offering personal feedback.

Paco, I'd be interested to know if the engines you've created are 100% replicas of real world data, or are they guess work? If you accidentally gave the kxf too much torque, I'm going for guess work.

I guess the msm engine is a 100% replica and I'm also guessing the geometry / suspension is the same. If the kxf and crf engines are exaggerated and the geometry is made so the bike rides as well / stable as possible then they have a massive advantage over the msm.

Again, not saying this to be difficult, just pointing out my concern with them.


Of course Fat. I tried to keep the engine as close as I've seen in the original dyno pictures. I can't remember if I put the original gearbox ratio in the KXF but in my KX I did it. But I think I put too much torque on the KXF , It haven't to be as msm. I think KXF only need a few less torque. Just that.


okay guys so i hear all of you here and try to take all you said in consideration. i will work again on all those engine and reupload all my bikes. i got a very busy week right now but the next week end would be good. The 2016 husky is on this way too... ;)


okay stone im glad you are taking what the community said to make the bikes better and take your time
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Sounds good! If you send me the zips when you're ready I'll swap the current ones out for the new ones so you can keep the same download counts, ratings, views and comments on central.

Looking forward to the husky!


May 17, 2016, 05:50:07 AM #41 Last Edit: May 17, 2016, 05:53:59 AM by BadStar
I missed this part of the thread for some reason....
Quote from: StoneRider on May 11, 2016, 06:18:19 PM
OK. Soo, i just released a new, good looking and good riding(?) bike. It's not just another bike in this game. No. It's the third official bike release. (Not counting pit bikes) and after 24hours, i get... 2 reactions ? i mean... come on. Only one entry to the Damien's skin contest ? allready a cancelled race because only three people registered ? This is like, not motivating AT ALL. This game have the potential to be the best Mx Game ever. But for that, we need piboso to make this game his priority. But today, if i were him, it wouldn't be my priority for me too... I mean we are only a few to make content for this game and it's normal because it's hard and tough and it takes a lot of time... That's Ok. But we need a little effort to the gamers to just... be there i think. Be a lil more... motivating and suportive i guess.

Just to make it clear, i hope that you guys understood that i don't do this for glory or fame obviously.... if that was what motivates me i wouldn't be here at all i guess...^^
I just LOVE this game and want to help it as much as i can. For now, we are no more than 5 riders to race and you know what ? i think that's a shame. A real, big Shame with a BIG S.

Quote from: StoneRider on May 11, 2016, 08:23:15 PM
Quote from: TheFatController on May 11, 2016, 06:53:58 PM
I stopped making tracks in b3 for this very reason.

it can't go this way in the b4... seriously ? if we give up that's just dead until the b5. can't believe it... i wanna race


I wasn't around long in b3 but long enough to really know the diff in b3 vs  b4.. I honestly think beta4 has been bringing a lot more attention/sales/community, even if it goes quiet for a bit. I feel that the beta3 physics with low content(tracks) was a combination for people to "wait" a bit on either purchase or involvement(mainly the physics issue).

I think due to the great improvement of the physics, more players have popped up. Which means more content is being created.. Youtube vids/track/bikes/skins are coming out more and faster on this version. There seem to be more tracks in the "making" now that everyone feels its worth the effort due to the quality that came w/b4.. I'm an example of this, I LOVED mxb, but struggled to ride with that slow speed issue etc. I immediately new this was my mx simulation when I watched the sick youtube vids that some of you guys make.. was an instant buy but the slippery/slow issue physics made me "wait" a bit.. beta 4 came out and all the sudden a week later I was doing whips and felt confident to compete..amazing diff!!

I return what little favor I can to the creative part of the community and PiBoSo by making a vid every so often and try to inspire the next guy to join us and get mxb!! I credit that to beta 4 fully and feel we really no longer have to worry about people dropping the game (or waiting) due to the bikes physics, but only content! If its content, I have a feeling that issue is soon to start decreasing while the content amount increases. I have also posted on supermoto/drz forums to talk about mxb and I believe it helps some. Just little things bc I can't due much else for us but ride!

With the rant over, I really just want to say to Stone/Fats (and all modders)..

**If you guys only knew how much I enjoy your tracks and bikes, you would never stop making them! It is true quality and very kind of you to share. I honestly LOVE the work you guys do, it makes the sim I really really love and enjoy 100k times better. I hope me and the other guys who really enjoy the mods and respect the efforts you put forward, help keep the motivation afloat!

I really think between b4/content/youtube, mxb is on the rise!

If It ever gets too quiet in here... please refer back to the **
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May 17, 2016, 11:32:24 AM #42 Last Edit: May 17, 2016, 11:38:22 AM by TheFatController
It's good to know man, and I love the influx of new people recently, tracks bikes and helmets released and also the fantastic racing series geo has put together. It's the only reason I made Paleta v2, we are close with Glen Helen and I have heightmap and most of texture work done on Red Bud. Seeing people enjoy my content is one thing but seeing the community develop is so much better.

Everything I've ever done for MXB has been out of love for the game and the community, all I'm saying is if the community isn't there then things are half as good.


well badstar... motivation fully restored. Thank you man... :)

74med |GHOST

Thank you for sharing your work!!
I love this bike :)
Keep it up buddy !!