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2016 RMZ 250/450 Release V1.6

Started by Vortex_Damien, June 05, 2016, 12:04:30 AM

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>>> 27.3.2017 : SHAKDATASS PATCH 450 OEM - RMZ Std + OEM v 2.1<<<

Did some extensive testing after having been made aware of somes issues pushing the 450f OEM, the rear being extremely uncontrolable when braking and at low speeds, severly limiting corner entry speed and giving a "tipitoe" feeling when below 3rd gear. Issue found and fixed.

Changes only in the 450f engine files: braking torque reduced, back to MSM values.

Engine files to drop in your RMZ450 OEM folder: RMZ450OEM v2.1 patch (<- you only need this if you already had the pack. Don't forget to delete when comes the time to OneStopSync your files).

Complete pack v2.1: 2016 Suzuki RMZ Std + OEM pack v2.1 (all in .pkz already).

Reminder: OEM bikes need Geo's Tyres to work.

Please direct general feedback on the OEM changes to this thread: http://forum.mx-bikes.com/index.php?topic=1666.0 ; and keep the model specific here ;)
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