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MXB Content Site

Started by holt619, September 22, 2014, 08:05:36 AM

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Hey guys!

So I'm sure not many people here know but I run a site called http://flowtechmxs.com for mxs.  There's the main site (flowtechmxs.com) which is the racing website where it's possible to sign up for races, create teams, and also certain people can use the website to host races.  There's also the content section for MXS (mxscontent.flowtechmxs.com).  User accounts currently sync between these sites.  There's full on messaging and social features as well.  The main site has been around for around nine months now but it has drastically changed since initially published. 

Anyways, now that the background of the site is out of the way, I'll explain why I'm making this post.  I've done exactly what I did for MXS for MX-Bikes, which is creating a section for content of all types.  Obviously there is no finished content for the game yet, but the platform is there for if people choose to use it.  The entire site and all its sections have just been a fun project for me to learn some new things, but it is cool to see some people using it.  The mxb site is live at mxbcontent.flowtechmxs.com.  There's nothing on it now of course, and I don't plan on seeing anything on it just yet.  As of now, all submissions to that site will have to be approved by an admin, but that will change when the game gets going.  To see a practical version of what the mxb site would look like, you could just look at the MXS section (mxscontent.flowtechmxs.com). 

I also did a help section for MXS a few months ago now which can be found at mxshelp.flowtechmxs.com.  The content sections were just a fun project for me and I wanted to see what I could get to work.  As a couple of you may know, I really like to focus on the competitive racing side of the games so I look forward to what will be possible with MXB.  But in summary, the content site is there if you want to use it.  Accounts should be syncing across all three user based sections of the site.  I struggle with whether or not the site should actually host the downloads as well.  Right now they host the preview pictures locally, but it could also be used for the actual file downloads.  I just feel that a place to have the content displayed neatly and in a formatted way is more necessary than an actual download host.  That's all for now.  Sorry I didn't share this sooner, but I planned to wait until after the game was actually released and content started to be made.  Seeing as the templates were released and also the fact that I will be gone for some of the coming days, I decided to post some info about it now in case I can't get around to it when it could actually be useful.


Hey holt, site looks real nice. I like the look of the submit form for content, looks thorough.

Hope it does well, the more content sites the better  8)