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Bikes and chassis modelling / behaviour

Started by Asdrael, June 16, 2016, 12:27:07 pm

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Lately I have tried to ride almost every 250F available and it seems to me that, while most - if not all - engines are the same and copies from the MSN, the bikes behaviour varies greatly.

So I'm curious: how do you guys model the chassis, suspensions, etc? Do you go with actual measurements, just based on pictures, etc? How about the weight balance (which I think is the main culprit for some odd behaviour we are seeing, right next to the rider not forward / backward leaning with terrain and the over-springy suspension behaviour)

I noticed for example the RMZ going front high on everything, the 2016CRF being ultra stable, etc. There is some stuff you can tweak with the suspension settings but you won't get rid off completely. Also, the measurements for the Sag (in the testing panel) are very different between bikes, the Rake angle can be different (I think the CRF is at 28, while the Yamaha is at 26.5 for example)...
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June 16, 2016, 12:46:19 pm #1 Last Edit: June 16, 2016, 12:57:22 pm by pacopastor34
For the general measurements I used reference pictures and my creativity hahaha, for the weights you can adjust them in cfg file in each bike and place the point of each part mass in the geom file.

Edit: You also can  adjust rake angle, suspensions lenght and more measurements in geom file.

I don't know if stone rider built the new bikes from the msm folder or from the first KXF files that I modified. Also the gearbox ratio and the added 5th gear in 450 it's from my first KXF files I guess.

All those things must be changed in each bike in my opinion.

Edit2: I also think that you must be the person that change that things. You don't know how I'm enjoying my 125kx with your modifications, I have to get shorter the 1rst gear  ;D I forgot do that before the last update.