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track editing- how big can my map be?

Started by Amuck, November 20, 2020, 04:13:18 PM

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I'm wondering how big the maps can be and still load on mx bikes? I've been working on a trail system and I have been following tfc's guide. I got my first map to load okay but there was a big height difference right down the middle so i decided to try a trail system and just been taking the google maps data and exporting the pictures into L3dt Pro. I have gotten it to load but it looks like only part of the map. It seems most iconic trails are like 70-300 miles of trail. obviously that cant be done. What I'm wondering is how big of a section of a trail could I do realistically.

Resolute Kraken

Have you looked at Kraken Berg?  It is 3600 x 3600, 4K heightmap.  The main course is over 40 km long and takes over an hour to complete.  The bigger you go with your map the less resolution your height map (pixel per meter) that you will have.  This affects how fine of features you can make and also affects the size of the deform area.  You can always make a larger heightmap - 8K - to get better detail, but I ran into performance issues with that on such a large map.


oh okay thanks! i keep running into a problem with my maps being fine and all smoothed out in L3DT but when i test them, the terrain is unridable and spikes everywhere. even though I smoothed everything. can any one give advice?


I feel like it has something to do with the resolution scale maybe that makes everything go out of whack but its very frustrating. I cant find a guide on how to set things up past 2049x2049. ive also noticed that when following the guide his pictures are a perfect square and anytime i reset image scale i cant get it to be even 2048x2048. I have had a little luck with some smaller maps but nothing that i could ue for a good trail riding map.

Resolute Kraken

Are you in the Discord? You're apt to get some more/faster helper there.




the spikes everywhere is usually because you need to reset track in game after making adjustments to the heightmap