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Computer/Tech Q&A

Started by MotoRogers499, June 12, 2014, 06:04:18 PM

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Hey guys, today I have a few questions about PC monitors. First let me just say sorry for the new topic, I didnt really know where to ask this, but now whenever somebody has a questiom they can just come here instead of making new topics every time. Plus this community seems really knowledgable and willing to help. Anyways...

My question is what exactly am I looking for in a PC monitor? Looking for something game-able here. And would a smaller HDTV work like a monitor? I knoe the pixel density is much lower and not made for close up viewing, but what would i be missing out on if I didn't have a monitor? Also, whats the limit for response time here? Avg im seeing is 5ms on pc monitors and my TV has like 8ms and doesnt visibly have any blur or pixel lag. Ive never compared, but still. If I got a monitor, is there any point in going lower than 5ms? I see them going down to 2ms response time all the way to 1ms. Could you actually notice a difference? I want my moneys worth and im not paying extra for anything unless there is a significant benefit from it. Ive just never really realized how much of a difference a quality display could make until now so just wondering what to look for and how to get the most out of my money. Sorry for question raid, my knowledge is limited and ive made 1 too many bad buys in the past.



If i am right, there is (almost) no difference between 5 or 2ms. Its all about the hdmi cabel you have.


If you can use a dvi cable as opposed to a hdmi. Hdmi can only achieve a certain resolution 1080p. Dvi can exceed this although unlike hdmi it cannot transmit sound so you would need an additional sound cable such as the 3.5 jack. Dvi is a better picture as some games will exceed the 1080p reso. Also dvi  monitors without hdmi are cheaper.
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