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Heightmap projects

Started by Ruubs, September 23, 2016, 04:43:46 PM

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So, working on Southwick again. I like doing objects and textures, but heightmaps are way way more fun to make in my opinion.

My question is; would anyone finish my 'tracks' if I only make the heightmaps and maybe objects? I like to make both custom and replica tracks. I'll provide all the information about the style of track my heightmap is based on, but you could really do whatever you want with it if it looks cool.

Supercross tracks isn't my specialty, so don't expect that. I'd make outdoors, maybe some enduros as well.

If anyone likes the idea of me putting out heightmaps with information about each, comment below. We could have way more tracks in the future if this works out.



Ye you can probably call it that. I'd do heightmaps and maybe objects. I don't like texturing.


You guys can have "the ridge" heightmap and do as you please with it..since I cant seem to get a single object to load without a error..

if anyone ever wants it just hola, no biggie.
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I don't think anyone prefers texturing over making heightmaps. I'll have to do it myself then! haha


Texturing is not easy to define. I enjoyed texturing some tracks, and hated texturing others. I enjoyed making the objects for the stewart compound due to blender and hated making objects for other tracks due to sketchup.

Of course making the heightmap is the fun part, the rest just makes it feel like a 9-5 job, but it's all worth it when it comes together..


That's so true. I'm kinda starting to enjoy texturing Southwick now, objects are fun as well. It just takes a lot of time to export the track because of all the objects I have!

I wish I could get my pen tablet to work on my windows, for some reason my pc can't find the right drivers, and my mouse stops working so I've to restart my pc with a press on the button.. I'll have to upload my textures to mediafire, then open it on my macbook and make some rut textures in there. I'm just too lazy to do that atm! haha