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Wanted: streamer/recorder to record 2016 Gtx Pro 250 Nationals

Started by GDUBMX, September 22, 2016, 08:54:45 AM

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Yeah the js7 are great cams but ain't amazing for the TV style stuff mate.  I can hand on heart say that Glen Helen is perfect for it as I made the cams purposely from a TV perspective :)
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Sorry, I don't ever really bother to make cams for my tracks.. Never considered streaming!


Thanks guys

Just want to make it the best l can for you and also advertise Piboso product



I guess it died before it really started. Due to the TERRIBLE quality in replay with bikes juddering and flickering so badly and hanging for ages that it was not a possibility to stream. I worked all week to try and get this working to no avail as the netcode would not play along with us lol.

Oh well guess we all wait in MXB for netcode too lol.

Sorry but I did try.



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Thanks a lot for trying to set this up.

And sorry for the let down with the JS7 cams - I did them, but I have to admit I am not good at it and I didn't have the patience to figure out why sometimes cameras were "crossing lanes" etc. So thanks for updating these ;)
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