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Doubledragoncc - Handle bar & foot controls?!

Started by BadStar, October 19, 2016, 01:34:38 AM

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Teeds was untouchable back in beta 2 on his bars!  Haven't ridden much with him recently but I'm guessing not much has changed.. It looks like a solid setup.


Quote from: BadStar on October 19, 2016, 07:41:57 PM
lol sand, I actually did this. My flight stick also twist like a throttle.. it was fun but if you add a stick to it then you have to custom wire the throttle etc

I mounted my flight stick laying on it side so the stick was like a throttle and set controls according... goofy but fun, no way to get "fast" though.
Hm alright. I'll still see what I can do. I've some good ideas! :D


I am still thinking about selling just my MTE units to allow folks to build their own systems with less tech knowledge needed for connecting throttle and levers via cables.

Below is my MTE units for throttle front brake and clutch that you simply connect to any cable just making sure the cable free play is the right length(real simple).

These I mount on the bars backplate

And then make the cables using screw on nipples to get the right length.

All motorcycle parts for 22mm bars work as long as they have cables. I am working on hydraulic units too.

Then I print a custom cover

To make it look better

I use high quality heavy duty P260 Vishay potentiometers only.

These make building a system so much easier and the rear GSXR1000RR rear brake is bolted directly to the rearsets.



How much would a complete system cost just out of interest?


Out of respect to Piboso I do not do any business on the forum.

For more info please contact me directly at doubledragoncc@yahoo.com