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Custom rider model and animations talk

Started by Ruubs, November 13, 2016, 05:41:06 pm

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While I was working on Southwick I had my first encounter with the marshalls and it's files. It seems like it has a normal model, just like every other track object (.EDF). It also has a .ANM file which, I guess, are for the animations. Now I've been trying to find out if we are able to replace these models and/or animations. I couldn't find a whole lot, but I've found something!

I couldn't find much using google. I also assume the .ANM file is Piboso specific and can't really be made by the community. I hope I am wrong and that we can make our own animations, because that'd be awesome. The only thing that looked promising to me was this: http://gillius.org/cg3/anmfile.htm

When googling on 'GP Bikes custom animations' I found this topic though: http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=3337.0

It seems like that we are able to make our own animate-able models. We need a rigged model for that. Unfortunately Manu has some problems with his own models. I'd love to try it as well, since I've lowpoly human models that are rigged.

If we'd try and make our own rider model / marshall models we'd need the names of the bones from the original rider model / marshall model. Does anyone have any clue how all the bones are called? I couldn't find them in the .EDF or .ANM files.

BUT on the GP Bikes topic Ptrshpt says that Piboso has linked all the rider leaning (so front / back and left / right) to the rider animation. So that means that it's a lot more difficult to get a rider in game while keeping the same rider physics. I'm curious if it even is possible to do. Why did Piboso link the physics to the animation?

I've searched around on the GP Bikes forums as well and saw a completely different theory (http://forum.piboso.com/index.php?topic=1291.msg16671#msg16671). The posts states that the rider model doesn't have bones in game. Here's the quote.
Quote from: Klax75 on July 11, 2014, 01:47:46 pm
I've animated things and rigged things before in the past.

And honestly I don't think you need a rigged model. You'd need the rider model, and then rig it yourself. Do your animations and put it back in the game.

Since animations are pre-set, they aren't calling up any "bones". So if I hit the button to raise my riders hand. GP Bikes is just calling up a out put animation of my riders hand raising up. The are no bones in the rider in GP Bikes.

When I would animate, my rigged model was only used for animation and adjustments. But I could out put the same model with animations without the rigged bones. That is all that GP Bike's is doing. The rider isn't actually on the bike, it's just a visual reference to where the invisible weight distribution sphere is moving around on the bike. So if I move my riders body left, GP Bike moves the invisible sphere to the left, then call's up, the canned animation of the rider moving left. Same when the rider falls off the bike, it calls up a canned animation that is exactly the same, he falls on his butt then raises a hand to his head.

You'd need the rider model, rig it the way you want. Do your animations, then out put those animation. When you out put a animation the rigged bones do no come with it.

Would be kind of pointless having a fully rigged model with bones, then using canned animations in GP Bikes. Since GP Bikes is using the saved animations, not the actual bones of the model to move it.

The only thing GP Bikes has to know is where your hands are attached to the bike and where your feet are attached to the bike, when in game.

Another way to look at it is. When I am making a new paint for a bike. My Photoshop file may have 100 layers in it, different masks, different layer values. My layers and folders in side my Photoshop file could be named whatever. But when I save it as a Targa it flattens it out, I can no longer adjust anything because the layers are gone. But my out put file looks the same as my Photoshop.

A animation out put file would be similar. I just need the rig for adjustments. Once the animation is out put, the rig and or bones does not need to be with the model anymore.

Where as a rag doll model, you would have a very basic set of bones. So the model can interact with it's environment. But we don't have that in GP Bikes. :)

I still have hope that it actually is possible to make our own rider model / animations. At least for the marshalls.

What are your thoughts?


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