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"No Rider" (Onboard MOD)

Started by CSchmied986, January 03, 2017, 02:46:58 AM

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Hey guy's. So, for me (especially in VR) seeing the rider in game was just a distraction, so i changed some stuff to get rid of it. This is what i did.

1. Find your rider.pkz

2. Go to Properties, and have it open with WinRar.

3. After you Extract, open the "gfx" file.

4. Scroll down until you see "cockpit". And change" file = c_rider.edf" to "file = c_rider0.edf"

I personally, just like it better.


Yep! Ya, when you look over, seeing the inside of your riders arms can be a little distracting. ( and doesn't make videos look good).


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