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Hotlap Hotshot championship

Started by osmeralda, November 28, 2016, 12:26:46 AM

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I've been thinking that since theres no online racing going on, why not have it offline?

A Hotlap championship where you have a week of time to post a fast lap time on said track and after that they will be placed on an order and top-something will get championship points. After all of the races are done player with the most points (obviously) gets crowned THE Hotlap Hotshot.

I don't have any servers nor do I know how to set them up, but i was thinking we could do this that you post your lap to Youtube or some other video site and send me the link via pm and i would post the top-3 laps with videos and then organize rest of the running order and put it all to a results thread. Anyone Interested?

I was just wondering if there is a way that the laps would be posted to me but not to other racers so that it would be a surprise who wins.

MX2 only unless we get a lot of people to signup in which case top guys would move to MX1.

Prizes:None it's just to have fun and show people you're the fastest :D also it's nice to get the community activated.

Tracks could be JS7 National, Glen Helen, Thursday night motocross, southwick, paleta raceway, mxbc compound.

Comment? Ideas? Improvements?  Sign ups?


That's a great idea but rather than posting youtube videos or just the laptimes, we should upload our best lap single player ghost for everyone to download and try to beat and the fastest ghost for each track can sit as the champion ghost until it's beaten by another.  This way aside from the entertainment of trying to beat it we can also learn where we are losing time on the track by seeing the exact line that the faster guys take. 


Sounds interesting wedgewood ;)

Will also make it hilarious online when we can finally run collisions, after we've all tried to beat Stoneriders lap by following his line to the inch..;D


Great idea wedgewood! I didn't know we could do that :D