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November 29, 2020, 09:28:04 AM


MX Bikes beta15b available! :)

[RELEASE] 2014 Husaberg TE/FE

Started by iNsane | WW, March 16, 2020, 01:10:03 AM

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iNsane | WW

I proudly present to you:

All credits go to Kording for creating this model and TM_Infidel/TMFR for releasing the source files of the Husaberg here and for the source files of the Husqvarna (where I took the 4t engine from) here.

This release includes:

As in the GASGAS release, the models here have some differences too.
The 125 has a stock exhaust whilst the 250/300 have a FMF mounted.
The 250f has a stock exhaust mounted whilst 300-501 have a FMF look-a-like which differs in color.
I like difference but I'd also love some selectable additional parts though.

I've taken the default paint that came with the source files as I didn't wanted to struggle around this much with this release, and it looked on-point anyways.

The bikes also support everything that MXB offers and a little extra. Again, as in the GASGAS release, there's a custom Matrix M64 Stand Paint (made by TFC here.) and a Stock Stand paint.
In addition there's no chassis number anymore but a License Plate number for a little extra detail.
The Steer number is still working and the custom Font uses a custom made License font + the default black font for the steer.
Again it has an animated spring and mud layers.

- same geometry and characteristics of the OEM Husqvarna models (thanks Asdrael! ♥)
-> the TE300 and FE501 engines have been made by nilsdt96 (also thanks!)
--> I've adapted the gear ratios of all bikes to the values in the official manuals, they may feel a bit weird, and the 501 actually has a top speed of probably 200 kph+, this might be updated some day and be properly OEM'd
- fueltank has been increased to a capacity of 12 litres
- the glass on the lamp is see-through

Insert the bikes folder into your mods folder.
Insert the misc folder into your MX-Bikes INSTALLATION DIRECTORY (e.g. E:\GAMES\Steam\steamapps\common\MX Bikes\) for the license plate font.

Support MXB-Mods.com and

or Download directly via OneDrive

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WOW! Mind blown dude this is off the chain can't wait to cut some laps. Thanks for the hard work and top-class content.
I didn't lose the race, I ran out of laps.


UAU!!! I wasn't especting this one. I was looking for it everywhere. Great job :)
I hope more are coming and enduro tracks as well.


<br />GDUBMX YouTube<br />


I hope you like my 300/501 engines :D
Life is short, stunt it :D


Love these bikes, great work! would it be possible to make a supermotard edition for the 501? i'd love to ride that sumo!


There will be a official Release of the Husabergs and GasGas Bikes on Supermoto soon. :D
Life is short, stunt it :D


Amazing, thank you love these bikes ;D