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Week Day Tournament

Started by teeds, February 01, 2017, 06:21:27 PM

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I'm thinking of organising races on a weekday evening. Starting at about 8-9 pm GMT and ideally running heats to work within the current MXB multiplayer limits. Not sure if enough are still playing now since the B5 release for it to work, so i'm wondering if enough riders are interested?

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I'm in!

I'm available after 7pm in Spain 6pm in UK


Wow, i had the same idea :) so hell yea i'm in.

and come steam/discord online :)


I would be up for that. If It is not serious, what about thematic races? There is a KX125 and aRC125 that could start a grid;)
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Yea, was thinking about some spec races.
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If anyone wants to throw together a 125 engine for the rm250 then we have 3.

I am in, but work lates alternative weeks, so I'm only in for fun and once every other week :)


My current thoughts about how to run it -

This event to be run within the current capabilities of MXBikes and can hopefully be expanded in the future as the game limits are pushed back with new releases from Piboso.

The tournament will involve running several heats SX style to decide the main line-up. 1 server will be running practice for all and when a tournament starts, a separate race server will be used to hold each race. Those taking part in a race will be called to join the race server and when finished will need to return to the practice server to practice and await their next race call. The heat races will be short to keep waiting times down with the main being slightly longer.

The heats will be setup to run in different formats depending on the number of participants but should also allow for lag free racing that can be replayed to a decent standard. A single race might be held if numbers are too low to run heats.

This event may also hold spec races to keep things even, make joining requirements very simple and to blow the dust off some lesser used bikes.

Race day has yet to be decided but it will be held on a weekday. Please post below if you have days you can or can't make, will try to make it accessible for as many as possible. The races will be held between 8-10pm GMT, start time will be 8, 8.30 or 9 (TBC) and the practice server will be available several days before the event.

Open to suggestions etc. Aiming for this to be just a fun thing that gets riders on at the same time.
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I'm always in for whatever!!

Lately been a little absent..possible big changes in life at the moment due to employer offering me some major stuff.. but still, I'm down!
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I love the idea of 125 fun series.


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