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Something to watch the others and rider track reset...

Started by Braap570, February 11, 2017, 10:36:19 PM

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Hey guys, if i play with my friends sometimes mxbikes i would like to watch them when we are both riding...

is it possible to make something like the togglespy - thing in mxs?!

there you just can set a key to watch the next rider in front of you and for the next rider behind you....

that would be awesome! :)

and another thing is, i blockpassed my friend very hard in washougal. but the fences there are like everywhere so he couldnt get into the track anymore... :D
a track reset for the rider would be also great for the game...


You could go into replay and watch your friends while they're riding. Just make sure the 'slider' is on the right so everything is live.

If you hold your reset button for a couple of seconds it'll reset you on track.


yeah replay mode is oke.. but in mxs you can watch them "live" while riding... after e.g. a jump you switch back to yourself and you can go on riding... i like that feature... it would be great to have a feature like that in mxb too :)

thx for the tipp :D:D:D