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Making your own skin...

Started by Braap570, February 22, 2017, 03:13:04 PM

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February 22, 2017, 03:13:04 PM Last Edit: February 22, 2017, 03:31:53 PM by Braap570
Hey guys, one question:

I made a 2017 husqvarna practice bike skin in mxs a while ago for jay s husqvarna model... now in mxb we also use the model.
I tried to get the paint ingame but it didnt worked and idk why...

i saved the "template" as .tga , then i opened painted, clicked on "dir read". after searching for the template it is to the on the left side of the painteEd program. then i clicked on pack and saved the .pnt in my folder

"MxBikes/bikes/fc250/paints/"2017 practice Bike" 

but ingame i cant use it. its the normal 2016 skin u have if you dl the model....

can somebody explain what i do / did wrong?!

in the document of piboso you can read that you need onboard.tga , bike_parts.tga and livery.tga ... where do i get the files for the other .tga files when i only have the template of mxs in this case?!

Any help would be awesome! :)


Sounds like you didn't name it properly,  it all depends on what the model creator or converter has named it.  Best bet would be to open up a pnt file and see what another skin has been named. Just save the Tga as that name for example,  livery. Tga then call your pnt anything you want
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thx man now i got it! just make some screens and then i will release it for you guys :)


im having this issue, just got the game


you have to look for the model you use... so e.g. open an already skinned bike with paint.ed and you will see how you have to call the .tga files.

i used the husqvarna model of jay. so the .tga files which are packed as the .pnt are just called "fc".

so your skin, which you save as .tga has to have the same name. in my case it was "fc"...

so the tga is fc and the pnt which you create is the name it shows ingame.

difficult to describe for me but maybe you can understand me :D