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Fun Event @ Practice Track - Wed 8th March 20:30 UTC - 2016 Yamaha YZ125

Started by teeds, March 06, 2017, 03:45:05 PM

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Good turnout last night, the track was buzzing  :)

I hear that some of you are wanting to run longer races, this would be fine if we had a more even field of racers. As it stands a long race would see many of us riding alone especially on longer tracks after the pack spreads out, and I want close racing. If we had a much closer field of racers I would be more tempted but as it stands I think we're better off with shorter races and 2 or more starts. For me a 20 min race last night would not have been as much fun.

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That was very fun! 4 laps isn't that bad imo, must say that you had a level above mine though during last race I was staying right behind you for 4 laps and it was impossible to make a pass. You were regular, fast and if the race was longer it would of been boring for us both :-)
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Yea was good racing with you Fox, sounds like you had some good battles with others too.

Results up soon.

@ Stonerider did you get those screenshots for me?
"Damn dirt bikers!" - Bubba


I did Teeds if he didn't. I'll be up for another race tonight if anyone else does. That was awesome!
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Didn't think you were there for the 2nd race Gdub?

Not sure if i'll be on later yet, that was hard work last night lol proper little sweat fest  8)
"Damn dirt bikers!" - Bubba


Damn, my job eats my time again. Are there plans to race for the upcoming weekend? I'd love to join, especially on Paleta, which is also not that hard but has a lot of sweet jumps. SM is good to go too, all the more it looks like wrongly forgotten.


no i bailed moto 2 mate, but yeah it was really fun! i will upload part 2 in the next few days. @Ioinen, yeah man a race this weekend on paleta would be fun
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Race 1

1/. teeds
2/. FoxMX29
3/. Jose Reina
4/. StoneRider
5/. philiaN
6/. Gdubmx
7/. stevo
8/. satanas
9/. Yann
10/. Victor Bitner
11/. Syd
12/. Orlovsky

Race 2

1/. teeds
2/. FoxMX29
3/. StoneRider
4/. philiaN
5/. stevo
6/. satanas
7/. Syd
8/. Yann
9/. Orlovsky
10/. Jose Reina

"Damn dirt bikers!" - Bubba