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March 24, 2019, 09:42:34 am


MX Bikes beta10c released! :)

Online / Multiplayer suggestions compilation

Started by Asdrael, March 25, 2017, 01:14:35 pm

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Hey, thought I would compile all the suggestions regarding online play in one topic and attempt to keep it updated. I would say each section is in order of priority.

Server selection and interface

Server information text/link box
Server hosts should be able to add text to the server information to point people to a pack download.

Server display with/without track
Need a way to see a server even if we don't have the track it's running. Suggested a color code for the servername.

Current players name display
Would be nice if we could see who is playing on the server before connecting, to speed up the process of finding friends.

Friend list
... and down the road, have a kind of friend list which highlights servers in green when your friends are on it.

Voting system

Remove people not voting from the 2/3 voting count
A LOT of people go afk randomly, and it tends to block the votes. We need people not present to not count in the number of votes. Make the 2/3 of yes rule for votes casted only.

More voting options
On the top of my head:
  • !vote drm : to reset deformation
  • !set drmX: sets deformation value, giving a possibility to work up a track with deformation high and then freeze it.
  • A kind of next track voting system.
    • !list tracks: displays the list of tracks on the server in order with their number
    • !vote nexttrack / !vote trackX: to move the server to the next track or trackX in the rotation. Also needed: jump clients with the server, don't kick them out.

During online play

Let people join the server during a Race
Don't prevent people from joining, but allow them to join as Spectator only and delay their bike load (or see next point).

People joining use your bike at first
Have people joining a server use YOUR OWN bike ghost and not their bike ghost to prevent the load lag. Complete model loading happens in the Garage, as it is now.
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Nice list there Asdrael.... Same opinion here....

But another thing for online... Piboso, is it possible to have your msm bike or something else as a stock model for online racing?

So i mean that you can ride with somebody who dont has e.g. my model and then he sees the msm bike as the model and can join also?

I just think in a while, when there are new bike models, this game will be pretty big. When you could add something for online racing that you just see any bike it would be great. then you also dont
have these missmatches anymore...

i dont like to compare it with mxs, but in mxs you can add a paint stuff for the stock bikes, and when you have the newest snapshot you can ride- only even if you just have skins for a kawasaki.
you can also see the rest of the ppl online and race with them....