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FBX2EDF and Edge Loops

Started by 𝖙𝖋𝖈, June 13, 2017, 12:44:33 PM

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Quick one.. Does FBX2EDF have trouble with really small tri's or close edge loops?

I'm converting the following in FBX2EDF using only recalculating normals and smoothing groups. I've also tried both 1.17 and 1.16.

In Blender:

In Game:

Thanks :)


Really small triangles ( less than 1/10th of square mm ) are automatically deleted.
This could be a rounding problem instead.


Thing is, I understand I can delete these edge loops, but there are other parts of the object that contain very close geometry, larger than the edge loops pictured mind you, and here although they're not deleted, I see increased reflections when using a reflection map for the small patch it applies to.

What is a rounding problem?



What happens if you leave recalculate unchecked?


Quote from: Snappe on June 14, 2017, 05:01:46 PM
What happens if you leave recalculate unchecked?

If I don't recalculate, I get no normals or reflection mapping, so I can't see if any of those errors are visible, but I haven't checked to see if the mesh remains broken.. I can only assume it does.