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For those that use Paintshop and are having trouble with the 16bit RAW file

Started by Madcowie, May 28, 2014, 11:44:53 AM

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I made a wrong turn in life when I chose Paintshop over Photoshop but 10 years ago Paintshop was so much easier! These days I think they are pretty similar but I battle on with Paintshop.

So like many of you I have been playing around with the track editing for this awesome game hopefully  :-*

And having got a few things working I eventually stumbled across the problem that Paintshop wont save 16bit RAW Files. So I searched Google for hours last night and didnt find any answers then today I eventually stumbled on the answer. Whats more its a free to use program and its easy to do.

So your heightmap, save it as a PNG
Download L3DT http://www.bundysoft.com/L3DT/downloads/standard.php
Import PNG
Export active map layer as a RAW file

Thats it, should now work. I thought I had it working properly just using paintshop to start with but then noticed it was repeating itself around the map. If anyone knows how to do it in just paintshop please let me know as cutting this procedure out would speed up the process.

Meanwhile have fun editing and cant wait to try your tracks out for this game.


For someone who doesn't use photoshop, this is real handy.. thanks man  8)