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Bj Slice:
So I checked my mail today and was really wondering what was in this yellow mail. Turned out to be the Medal prize Geofanatec was sending for the 2017 GTX Pro Racing Nationals 450 Class online race. Well I gotta say, thank you, it looks awesome.

Again thank you Geo and looking forward to some more of this. =)

Damn that is pretty cool BJ ;)

Congrats on 3rd place Bj. I got my keychain today thanks Geo. :)

Bj Slice:
Thanks everyone. I hope Geo would host another series soon or as soon as B7 comes out.  ;D

this is so cool, i need to step my race pace up!! haha my man cave could do with some actual trophies.. Well done BJ. and thanks Geo, You have been a huge success for Mx Bikes mate


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