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MX Bikes beta15d available! :)

Tournament series

Started by KTMjonse, September 19, 2017, 06:23:08 AM

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Anyone wanna do racing series


I believe we all do.. but are also waiting on the next update.

I will attend as much as possible if you fire up a series though
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I wanna try to get a decent lobby like 10 or more people to do a tournament


Quote from: KTMjonse on September 20, 2017, 12:09:27 AM
I wanna try to get a decent lobby like 10 or more people to do a tournament

Haha good luck mate! Be sure to sign up to the next GTX series, was kinda hoping we'd have 17 rounds of supercross made to have a supercross series but the track builders have lost interest in this game or are too busy playing player unknowns battlegrounds lol.

Geo is the official host for our tournaments but with the dodgy netcode and connection it's just a waste of time. Honestly without him this game wouldn't be as good, he's spent plenty of his own cash to give us several servers, prizes, free games etc.

If I had the skill I'd build all the supercross tracks cus that would be awesome! Maybe paco would give it a go, he built some sick arenacross tracks
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I'm up for another series.  :)
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It's supposed to be getting fixed or its already is fixed. I'm waiting till beta 7 comes out.


i have no problem doing heightmaps, i make them rather quick, its all the rest that is off putting, also the lack of anyone trying to make something, i have a 18 rmz i will be releasing when that is done



I am burnt out on doing content. I will update the OEM for the next beta if need be, and amend the tutorial but that is about it. Lots of people make better tracks than me anyway, but I will help when I can.

So more time riding this time around ;)
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SX series will be awesome. More than 8 people is going to be nasty. But it's fun still.  ;D
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