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Real life Racing/playing!

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Do you guys have your own bike ? any weekend warriors in here ?
Feel free to post some pictures here ! Old school pictures are also cool to watch, i got some for when we get there =D

Ill throw in some pictures of my Kx250 two stroke 2005 model that i did a full restoration on.

It started out like this:

Spent a fair amount on parts, and especially the Íhlins.

Here it is now the beauty !

(edit: Thanks for moving the post, i clearly missed that off topic thread)

Armstrong cmx250 1982 model

Thats a cool pic right there stevo!

I'm a supermoto junkie, stunt rider (SM and street bikes), and weekend trail rider that loves "hard enduro" style terrain. Never got into MX or racing after my freestyle BMX years left me with a limp and enough damage to think twice before putting too much air under my wheels. At this point in life I enjoy just playing around at low speed more than I enjoy pushing 10/10ths.

A little city antics on my XR100 gets a smile out of the neighbors.  ;D

Thats cool man ! all form of 2 wheel driving is fun, i have been doing it my self since i were 5, now im 28 and not as ballsy as i were when i were 14 to say the least ^^

Got a good old KTM 50 pic with a nice little danish thropy comming right here :

And ofc a guy with the firs Yamaha PW50 i got:
(look at the helmet, if i only knew the price on that shit when i were little that would never happen xD)


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