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VR Support
« on: November 04, 2017, 09:44:31 PM »
When installing MX Bikes a desktop shortcut named "MX Bikes - VR" should be created.
It launches MXB with the "-vr" command line switch, that enables VR support.

If both a Rift and a Vive are installed on the same PC, it's possible to force Oculus using the "-vro" switch, and SteamVR using "-vrs".

In MX Bikes -> Settings -> Input3 it's possible to set the control to reset the VR camera tracking. The default key is F8. It resets the position and rotation of the user interface virtual screen, too.

By default, the rendering of both eyes is mirrored to the MXB window.
It is possible to change the mirroring setting creating a text file called oculus.ini or openvr.ini in the MXB installation folder and adding the following lines:
Code: [Select]
eye = 2
The possible values are:
-1: mirroring disabled
0: left eye
1: right eye
2: both eyes

Note: If the Windows Taskbar overlaps the MXB window preventing the cursor from reaching the bottom of the user interface, please try right clicking on the shortcut icon and, in the Properties, selecting Run Maximised.

Known Bugs
- 3D grass rendering errors
- HTC Vive ( SteamVR ): transparent asphalt in the user interface
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