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June 03, 2020, 11:50:55 PM


MX Bikes beta14d available! :)

OEM pack - Master Thread - 2020! v0.14.1

Started by Asdrael, November 05, 2017, 09:16:34 PM

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November 05, 2017, 09:16:34 PM Last Edit: May 04, 2020, 07:44:36 AM by Asdrael Reason: update v0.13.1
03.05.2020 OEM v0.14.1 - 2020

Sorry it took a bit of extra time, but this pack is not just an update of the bikes that were already released but a massive change in over half the pack. As this was a large undertaking, with a massive move toward 2020 line-up and custom suspensions amongst other things let me get this out of the way: I didn't do it alone and you have to thank in particular this time around:
  • philiaN for organizing everything and enabling many model updates
  • iNsane for importing, animating and covering in mud the new bikes
  • Vortex_Damien for the new Husky and KTM models
  • Ruubs for the KX model
  • LC Création on Discord for the TM model
  • Stonerider for his work on (re)skinning most of the bikes.
  • Tjark on Discord for the Gas gas and the Husky paints
  • Shack on Discord for amazing input on suspensions and discussions on the topic! We own that guy a big one when it comes to bike handling.
  • All the other modders who made, imported, worked on some magic for the previous models we still use like TFC, RC, as well as ExtremeManiac and Benji on the MXS forums
  • And of course, all the people who gave feedback, helped, and even donated to the OEM project!

Please take your time to read the whole post! It's a 2 gigs DL, so don't tell me you don't have time...

Installation instruction

If you can read:
New users: DELETE PREVIOUS OEM BIKES download and unzip into your mods folder. That's it.
Download this pack from MEGA.NZ or MediaFire . 2Gb so take your time. DELETE ALL PREVIOUS OEM BIKES. Unzip and put in your /bikes folder in your mods directory, which you can find in C:\Users\UserName\Documents\PiBoSo\MX Bikes\mods. It contains all the OEM bikes released so far, updated for Beta14. Careful: those bikes are all unpacked (not in .pkz) because otherwise I always mess the updates up. The bikes can then be found in game in their own category: MX1 OEM and MX2 OEM for four strokes, MX1-2t OEM and MX2-2t OEM for 2 strokes. (server hosts: don't forget to enable those categories or put the server to Open if you want to allow those bikes).
If you cannot read and have the attention span of a dead octopus:
YouTube tutorial

What's inside?
The pack currently contains 29 bikes, all original models that received the OEM treatment. This means that every single bike uses values and specs in accordance to their real life equivalent, as far as I could find them or extract them from pictures and reviews. This is valid for the geometry (wheelbase, rake angle...) and the engine (gear ratios, HP curve...). So each bike is unique – try them all!
  • Alta MX and MXR 2018
  • Honda CR 125 and 250 1996, CRF 250 and 450 2020
  • Husqvarna TC 125 and 250 2020, FC 250, 350 and 450 2020
  • Kawasaki KX(F) 250 and 450
  • KTM 125, 150 and 250 SX 2020, 250, 350 and 450 SX-F 2020
  • Suzuki RM 125 and 250 2003, RMZ 250 and 450 2020
  • TM 250 and 450 MX Fi 2020
  • Yamaha: YZ 125 and YZ 250 2017, YZF 250 and 450

    Significant changes this version
    • All suspensions values are now specific for OEM (Thanks again Shack). Should see less bottoming out and washing out compared to stock. FEEDBACK NEEDED, but keep in mind there is some set of values for all bikes that have been custom made for "intermediate rider on an average bike" (see below for more info).
    • Engine braking tuned
    • 250 2 strokes "power style" changed to be more brutal feeling
    • All other values updated to b14 values
    • Particular attention has been given to make all 250f competitive to one another through a little bit (less than 5%) of engine tuning. Hopefully they are! All other categories are as they should be according to released dynos
    All bikes come with stock sounds (+no pop mod). I would strongly recommend looking at our friend lBEYERl's sound mods database[/url] if you want something custom.

    Random setup advice
    • Four strokes have 3 engine maps each. Stock, low meaning more hp in the low end, and high, the opposite.
    • Stock suspensions are tuned with "MXA race test" values. In game, a good starting point is 30/60 sag front and 35/105-110 sag rear.
    • Fork offset and rear axle position can make a huge difference in handling.
    • Some bikes wash out more easily than others when braking. This is due to geometry and suspension difference. Try making the fork softer and/or increasing front brake travel to 20mm.
    • Some bikes are very "soft" stock (cough KTM), some are very "stiff" (cough Kawi). This is a by-product of manufacturer specs, and the fact that I frankly couldn't be arsed to custom build suspension dampening curves for all bikes. So play with the setup.

    PSD template to come soon as a bundle!

    Former updates:

    [b]Changelog: v0.13.1[/b]
    [li]All hitboxes trimmed and made 99% identical between bikes[/li]
    [li]450f engine inertia back to 0.005[/li]
    [li]KXF and CRF model hands in a better spot (wups)[/li]
    [li]Suzuki engine maps color now properly assigned[/li]
    [b]Changelog: v0.12.2[/b]
    [li]RMZ, CRF and KXF models "refreshed". Massive thanks to iNsane for his great work on those![/li]
    [li]RMZ and CRF bumped to 2019 specs.[/li]
    [li]KXF front geom fixed (wups)[/li]
    [li]Autoshift should work on all bikes and allow you to get around the track. But not rip.[/li]
    [li]Rider position should be less "goony" accross the board[/li]
    [li]Fixed an issue in my conversion of the FC250 engine. Yes, call it a nerf if you want.[/li]
    [li]All geometry updated with accurate weight distribution values for each model of each brand. Thanks VitalMX![/li]
    [li]first person cameras declipped[/li]
    [li]minor tweaks here and there[/li]
    [b]Changelog: v0.11.1[/b]
    [li]Added TC 125 and TC 250 2017. Thanks to [url=http://forum.mx-bikes.com/index.php?action=profile;u=2211]iNsane[/url] for importing the bike from an openly published MXS blend and [url=http://forum.mx-bikes.com/index.php?action=profile;u=75]Sandyvajayjay[/url] for helping with the normals and spec maps.[/li]
    [li]YZ 125 and 250 upgraded to 2017 (bigger front rotor, but also completely redone the geometry and engines from scratch to try something new)[/li]
    [li]CR250 engine adjusted[/li]
    [li]All 2 strokes should be easier to shift (disengage torque upped by around 15%)[/li]
    [li]All stock setups remade based on MXA race test sheets[/li]
    [li]2 strokes chassis made more flexible in general, according to model year (old models are generally more flexible)[/li]
    [li]All b11 changes are in[/li]
    [b]Change log: v0.10.2 – 20/12/2018[/b][list]
    [li]Added CR125 and CR250 1996[/li]
    [b]Change log: v0.10.1 – 06/12/2018[/b]
    [list][*][u]Categories changes:[/u] Split between four strokes ("MX1 OEM" and "MX2 OEM", same as before) and two strokes ("MX1-2t OEM" and "MX2-2t OEM", that's MXx minus 2 tee, no space, then space and OEM). Hopefully will reduce the issues of people not syncing, in particular if more 2 strokes get added. Server hosts beware! You can also have more than 1 category per server.
    [*][u]Collision boxes:[/u] adapted the new collision boxes to all bikes, and thightened them up.
    [*][u]Geometry changes:[/u] all bikes have had their rear end geometry revised. This is to allow the stock spring rate to be used with proper sag. Use "Default" setup in the garage.
    [*][u]Alta MX and MXR:[/u] new engine.
    [*][u]2 stroke geometries:[/u] all 2 strokes had a small issue in their weight distribution. Now fixed. Should feel lighter overall, in particular from the front.
    [*][u]2 stroke engines:[/u] all 2 strokes should now be a bit more brutal and behave more like 2 strokes (yes 125 and 250).
    [*][u]450f:[/u] should now bit a bit less brutal and kick less in the lower RPM range.
    [*][u]CFG changes:[/u] all bikes have had the CFG files revised, fixed and updated as needed. From rev limiters, to stock preload, to whatever.[/list]
    [b]Change log: v0.9.1 – 05/09/2018[/b]
    [list][*][u]Gearbox changes:[/u] all bikes now have proper gearbox behaviour. Slightly let go of the throttle or slip the clutch to shift up. Values should work for all bikes, including 2 strokes.
    [*][u]Shift Help:[/u] Should work properly for all bikes. Activate the option in your Simulation Settings if you cba to upshift like a man.
    [*][u]450f engines:[/u] modified their inertia back to recommended values. Should now behave more like an oversized 250f (both engine and chassis wise), and not a completely different beast (had to revert because tyre + suspension changes now allow it to work).
    [*][u]Geometry fine tunning:[/u] all bikes touched up. The placebo effect is strong.
    [*][u]Alta:[/u] are now proper electric bikes. 1 gear -no need to switch anymore- a battery, etc. Had to cheat a bit to get it to work (see [url=http://forum.mx-bikes.com/index.php?topic=2322.msg32782#msg32782]HERE[/url]). Primary Drive ratio updated - thanks Pibs!-
    [*][u]CRF250:[/u] slightly changed the primary drive ratio. Should feel less sluggish.
    [*][u]KXF450 and RMZ450:[/u] rev limiters updated.[/list]
    [b]Change log: v0.8.3b – 26/07/2018[/b]
    [list][*][u]Replaced[/u] the 2016 Suzuki 4 strokes with 2018 models. The RMZ 250 is basically the same as before, I however updated the dyno and tried to improve the geometry a bit.[/list]
    [b][size=12pt]Enjoy and: Feedback very welcome, as usual. From now on, OEM pack will be updated on Thursday only, unless outstanding issues causing computers to spontaneously combust. [/size]And bear with me if I made any mistakes please, tired as hell these days :p[/b]
    [b]Change log: v0.8.2 – 19/07/2018[/b]
    [list][*]Each download has a text file containing some information, in particular latest version installed
    [*][u]Replaced[/u] the 2017 Honda with 2018 models.
    [*][u]Replaced[/u]the former Alta MXR by Alta MX and Alta MXR v2: The Alta MX can be found in MX2 OEM and has Eco, Sport and Performance maps. The Alta MXR can be found in MX1 OEM and has an extra map - Overclocked.
    [*]ALL weight distribution of the bikes redone. I strongly encourage people to try them all again.
    [*]The rider position on the 4 strokes has been reviewed.
    [*]All default setups have thus been reviewed to what I find nice: Front sag 30/60, rear sag 40/105 approximately.[/list]
    [size=12pt][b]Enjoy and: Feedback very welcome, as usual. From now on, OEM pack will be updated on Thursday only, unless outstanding issues causing computers to spontaneously combust.[/b] [/size]
    [b]Change log: v0.8.1 – 28/16/2018[/b]
    [list][*][u]Now using Stock tyres and suspensions.[/u] They are way better and I don't think I could come up with anything better not knowing how it works in detail anymore.
    [*]All bikes should have less clutch slippage.
    [*]The rev limiter should be less intrusive.
    [*]Fuel consumption issue fixed - all bikes should last a full moto now.
    [*]Sounds fixed - should now have more distinction between 125, 250, 250f and 450f (no new sounds though).
    [*]All custom paints removed to limit the DL size. For all your fashion needs, visit the appropriate forum boards.[/list]
    [size=12pt][b]Enjoy and: Feedback very welcome, as usual. From now on, OEM pack will be updated on Thursday only, unless outstanding issues causing computers to spontaneously combust.[/b] [/size][b]Change log: v0.7.3 – 25/11/2017[/b]
    [list][*]New tyres: MX52 for medium-hard terrain, MX3S for medium-soft terrain (revised compared to previous versions). Stock tyres still available.
    [*]Should be a bit easier to whip.
    [*]Rider hands should now properly grip the bars.
    [*]Rev limiter should be harder to hit consistently as long as the rear wheel is on the ground.[/list]

    [b]Change log: v0.7.2 – 08/11/2017[/b]
    [list][*]Fine tuned the MX52 front tyre. Except more surface differences and more realistic behaviour, in particular on soft terrain.
    [*]Red RPM indicator fixed for all bikes.
    [*]Temporary bike .edf removed to reduce size.
    [*]Fixed a missing bracket in sfx for the MX2 OEM. Huehue. [/list]

    [b]Change log: v0.7.1 – 05/11/2017[/b]
    [list][*]All collision boxes and 1st person views homogenised between bikes.
    [*]AeroX value adjusted for Beta7
    [*]Suspensions are still the OEM ones, not the stock ones. Expect way less bounciness than stock.
    [*]Choice of tyres: "Stock" are Piboso's stock tyres for Beta7. "MX52" are my take on the Beta7 tyre model. Same grip to stock, but you should feel a bit more resistance from the terrain when losing said grip. [i]"Geo tyres" are now outdated and do not work with Beta7 new tyre format.[/i] [/list]
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    Thanks mate ! ill put them on download tonight and test them tomorrow, my net is shait where im at so its going to take some time i guess xD

    Cheers #46
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    Strange.. ive done this a million times but this time no oem bikes in game lol
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    It made a zip for me and downloaded fine, but the only bike in the zip was the CRF.

    Every time I go into the bikes folder on your google drive and click one of the bikes to individually download, it disappears off the page. Strange..


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    the bike zip was 2gb for me and downloaded just fine... weird.

    Bj Slice

    November 05, 2017, 10:39:30 PM #8 Last Edit: November 05, 2017, 10:53:54 PM by Bj Slice
    Thanks for the update Asdrael. I'm excited how those changes on the bike feels.
    "Practice not until you get it right. But practice until you can never get it wrong, and make it a routine"

    Bj Slice

    November 05, 2017, 11:20:16 PM #9 Last Edit: November 05, 2017, 11:39:11 PM by Bj Slice
    getting this error whenever I try to get on Mantua and Nevada tracks on a practice session.

    I have clean installation and all I added are the OEM and the tyre mods from here.

    Edit: Got in the track again using a different bike. Just weird
    "Practice not until you get it right. But practice until you can never get it wrong, and make it a routine"


    Honestly, I don't know. It appears googledrive is messing up for everyone... uploading on Mega.nz right now. (I'm litterally dumping my files directly from my game folder onto the host...).

    Sorry about that.
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    Im currently downloading the files, with the bikes files tho, google drive wants me to DL 2 zips.  one that is 1.9GB and one 196mb one. what is the small one ?

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    what the hell

    No idea... taking the googledrive down. abort your DLs, I'll remove the file. Mega.nz is our last hope :p
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    haha aborted ! RIP google!.....Ill wait for the new links then, again thanks for doing this !

    I got the Tyres file, i guess ill just delete that to and do it fresh ?
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    fucked for me too, diff bike everytime. try dropbox
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