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September 22, 2021, 11:24:24 AM


MX Bikes beta16b available! :)

My controller setup

Started by Absolution, January 29, 2018, 07:01:04 PM

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Hi everyone. I Have been playing MX Bikes for a little over a week now and I absolutely love it. Hands down the Most fun I have had playing a dirt bike game. And I have played a lot....

Anyway on to the settings.

Im using an Xbox elite controller.

My basic controller settings are:
Throttle: RT
Front brake: LT
Rear Brake: Y
Clutch: LB
Lean: Left analog stick
Lean F/B: Right analog stick
Change View: Dpad left
Sit/stand: click right stick in
Tearoff: Dpad up
Reset: back
Up shift: X
Down Shift: B
Push bike forward: click left stick in
Push bike backward: A

Now with the Xbox elite I can rebind anything I want to the 4 buttons on the bottom of the controller. So

Left middle finger: up shift
Left ring finger: down shift
Right fingers: back brake

For the left and right analog sticks

I use the top most stick in the picture for the left stick, and the bottom most stick for my right stick.
The top longer stick is for more precision. shorter right stick makes it easier to click in to stand/sit, and you dont need to be so precise with this stick.

So with this setup you never have to take either thumb off the thumb sticks for any reason. It took a very long time to get used to the muscle memory of using my middle and ring fingers for shifting, but once you get it down its nice.


That controller looks amazing! If MX Bikes gets competitive i might have to make an investment lol thanks for sharing!