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Game Startup Failture: OPENAL32.DLL

Started by Sumo_Torque, November 29, 2017, 11:15:26 pm

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November 29, 2017, 11:15:26 pm Last Edit: November 30, 2017, 09:29:37 pm by Sumo_Torque
Hey Guy´s

My Demo-version will not start after installing the game.

the shown failture is called ,,OPENAL32.DLL is missing.

by the way, main install is completed without problems
but if i push next at the openAL install window , there is no shown installation of openAL.

I tryed to start it as a Admin, do not work
I tryed to reinstall it,             do not work
I tryed a other download link, do not work

maybe a working openal32.dll will work on my computer , will someone send it to me ?

my system:

Windows 10
Amd 8350
Nvidia Geforce 970

Thanks for the support  ;D

and sorry for my realy bad English ::)


Try downloading the game a again? Your copy might be corrupt.
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 i downloaded it form diffrent mirrows, but it still not work....

but finaly i decidet to take the openal32.dll form a nother game....
--> the game say: the .dll is not working but the game still start
--> the game is playable but without any sound....

Could someone send me a Download link  for the real openal32.dll please?



I Tryed the standalone OpenAL installer, but it is still not working.

i have updated my grafikcard driver, my soud driver  but still not working

I reinstalled the game--> and in the programmfolder is no Openal32.dll file.

but the game will not start without it. :-\