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January 18, 2021, 12:05:19 AM


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screen bug

Started by anthony 04, October 02, 2014, 09:53:05 PM

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anthony 04

hi my name is Anthony, I am French I use a translator to be able to write you because my English is poor. I have a bug with the game, when I Demare my mouse is stuck is I can not go to the option to adjust the screen size. I brought you is the link to the video so you understand better.


cordially anthony

ps: sorry for quality

anthony 04

Please help me because I would like to try the game and then I see if I buy or not

ps: my computer and windows 8 and the size of my screen and 1920 * 1080


Thats really weird dude... Until PiBoSo or Snappe helps you, I would suggest trying to play the game in windowed mode. Maybe your mouse will move properly if you play in windowed mode. If you cant get as far as the setting in mx-bikes, try to change to windowed mode through your install folder. Im on my phone so I dont know where it would be inside the folder, but its worth a shot. Good luck