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All in 1 racing simulator??

Started by NorCal 986, December 18, 2017, 08:24:42 pm

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NorCal 986

So, for me, I really enjoy all of the Piboso titles, however, they are all basically the same game and interface but they each have their own (small) following. In my opinion, why not just make 'Piboso' the game and have MXB, KRP, WRS, GPB, etc. all the same game? There would be one much larger community, it would get more people interested in the other forms of racing, and a lot more people working toward to success of one product vs. nobody playing anything because there are very few active members when all of the games are divided. I wouldn't even mind having a membership style setup, say $10 a month, to get a great all in 1 game and a bigger community. Considering they are all sorta the same game, it just seems that having each aspect of racing be a totally separate game and community, it would be tough to ever get a large following for them individually. 


I honestly don't think combining would bring a larger community. It would just bring existing all together and many participate a little across all anyway.

But, I do like the idea. No different than iRacing keeping all their stuff within same sim. If they did motorcycles and dirt bikes it would all be combined too.

However, for it to work......a great online experience for all will absolutely be needed and an interface that makes it easy to get involved on all. Again, like iRacing.

For that to work, you might as well be like iRacing and then modding is out window, so all who join can participate in everything together and race whenever without "missing" hassles.

One one hand that gives pib control over content, but on another really sucks for creators. Many just enjoy that and not even playing.

Very very hard to have best of both those worlds together and all sims together in a easy to use interface on top of that.

Pull it off......and ya would be freaking awesome if done right.


I would do it for sure.

An additional subscription for all Piboso titles.

Launcher/platform with integrated:

stats (maybe some more stats would be required)
server browser with join function
updates through launcher
and maybe some other stuff like:
twitch streams etc.

premium content:

official race series with prices (free subscriptions 1=12/2=6/3=3/4-8=1month)

subscription price:

6,99€ per month (steam +30% = 8,99€)

attractive rewards for modders for more official content:

made from scratch mods in return of free subscriptions (if he likes the quality of the mod ofc)

but for this concept you need a stable game/multiplayer (physics can be always updated..)
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