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Supercross A1 Who will take take the championship?

Started by ChamP_Mx, January 07, 2018, 10:53:45 PM

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A1 Supercross was pretty good! im not a fan of Barcia but he was pretty fast all night long and a 3rd place really surprised me, i was really let down when tomac crashed and then later stopped mid-race to take a piss and got stuck zipping his pants up but hey! a mans got to wiz. After a shaky start Rockzen was also flying and a 4th place is definitely a win. Who do you guys think will take the championship? I want Rockzen to win because at this point he really deserves it but i also want tomac to have a chance after 2017 supercross, but i do beleive Marvin is the fastest he ever was and that all the events leading up to supercross that are under his belt prove he is not messing around this year so i do think he will take it.
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Yeah it was good. I'd love to watch it live but it would mean staying up until 2 - 4 am  :-\

Never been a Tomac fan, not sure why originally but then last season made my mind up. Yeah he's fast but he let's the pressure get to him and has messed up in the last two SX events he's ridden (a1 and monster cup) and a couple of times last year like when he got the red plate whether he admits that or not.

Hopefully no one rider leads every race and there is some heavy competetion all round..


Was a good night of racing. Heat 2 of the 450 was awesome, the main was great as well. The 250 were surprising in terms of results. But the 450 were more or less as expected, Barcia being the only surprise.

I don't know what to say about Tomac. I mean, this has to go down as one of the most ridiculous shit I have seen at a pro level. Caught with his pants down (litterally), and pulling out because of a bruised should when one of your main competitor is scoring 4th after a one year recovery from an injury that could have lead to amputation. Lol?
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This hole entire situation reminds me when in the motocross season Barcia's pants were falling off but, he lasted and finished the race with good results and his pants to his knees...
"Some take drugs, some drink bottles, i solve my problems by twisting throttles."