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FLCS Round 7 - Nevada - 4/3/18 to 10/3/18

Started by Umpossible, March 05, 2018, 05:27:23 am

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Welcome to the Final Round of the Fast Lap Challenge Series!

This round will be held at Nevada. This page is where you post both screenshots to record your lap time. The round will open at 12:00am Sunday the 4th of March 2018 MX Bikes time (UTC + 0) and will close at 11:59pm Saturday the 10th of March 2018. No lap times will be counted outside of these times.

Any bike will be accepted however depending on the amount of competitors, the series may be split into two classes.

To find the rules and how to enter the competition click this link for more information:


Remember that you may only post your lap time once, so even if you do better after initially posting, your result will not be changed. At the same time, do not leave posting your lap time till the last minute as no posts will be counted after the deadline. I know i'll be posting my lap time a day or two early just to be safe.

A discord has been set up (A big Thank You to PhilliaN) in order for players to talk about their times during the week without having to post their final results here.



(Purple Indicates that they did not compete in that round and received the points equivalent to last + 1)
(Red Indicates the winner of each round and also the Points leader)

Results will be posted shortly after the cut off time. Depending on the amount of applicants the timing of this could vary from week to week.

Thank you to anyone who enters and competes, this will only be a success through community involvement. So tell any friends who also play MX Bikes and get the word out about the series.

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to PM me.

Good luck and may the fastest rider win!


Posting a 01:08.001

Good luck and Thank you to anybody who enters :)


Nice win Umpossible. I had too much rage with this last track. LOL 1'09.362

Donations are greatly appreciated http://paypal.me/TWITCH135


Final Standings after Round 7:

Again, Thank You to anybody who competed in the series. I'll be posting more information shortly about FLCS2 and also some statistics from FLCS1. I hope you all had some fun with the series!


Had a great time, thanks for setting this up. Congrats on the win man.  :D

Donations are greatly appreciated http://paypal.me/TWITCH135