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Changes for the FLCS2

Started by Umpossible, March 28, 2018, 03:48:21 PM

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So with Beta 8 looking like it's just around the corner, I though I would release changes to the series for FLCS2. If you also have any ideas that may help the series, please let me know below. If you believe that some of the changes that I am planning on making are wrong, I am happy to hear you out below as well, I am more than happy to make changes if they majority believe they will help. So here goes:

1) The Day in which a round will begin and end will also be changing. Instead of 00:00 MX-Bikes Forum Time (UTC + 0) on a Sunday, the day will Change to a Monday. This is to stop the time of the round ending to stop coinciding with the Supercross/Motocross happening at that exact time in America. It was found that accidently having these times concurring with the American Series hindered the amount of people who would and could post a time. Changing the Day to a Sunday, still gives people the chance to post a time while not interfering with popular events.

2) A rider who does not set a time in a round will receive the points of Last + 2, instead of Last + 1. This is to encourage a player to set a time even if they may not be as competitive during that round. I believe that this change will encourage players to set a time to stay competitive in the overall series even though they may struggle in a certain round.

I would be very happy to expand on these changes if anybody has any ideas to add. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you all set a time.

P.S. Who likes the new logo?