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Introducing A New Numbering System

Started by Umpossible, March 28, 2018, 04:26:35 pm

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March 28, 2018, 04:26:35 pm Last Edit: June 19, 2018, 09:14:21 am by Umpossible
So with a way to compete with each other using the FLCS, we are able to somewhat establish a ranking between each player or at least between the players who compete in the series. The best way to rank those who compete is through their number. So Piggy-backing from NorCal 986 and his Number Quest, I wanted to start a number ranking until MX Bikes has competitive races that can be used to determine numbers. This system may be ditched when competitive racing starts in MX Bikes, but at the same time, it may also be used to help kick start the numbering when the racing does start.

Introducing a New Numbering System using the FLCS until competitive MXB Racing is Established:

1) The Overall Leading Points scorer from all the FLCS series from the year will be given the opportunity to select a single digit number which they can keep and hold until they relinquish the number (see section 5)
2) The top 5 points scorers from the year will be able to select a permanent Two Digit Number which they can keep and hold until they relinquish the number (see section 5)
3) Competitors outside of the Top 5 will be given numbers from 10 to 99 (Career numbers will be unavailable) which will be allocated to the riders with the lowest number available given to 6th in points and then following from there. They will keep this number for the year and will either earn a new number the next year or return to a three digit number.
4) In a FLCS in which there are 20 or more competitors, the winner of that series will also be given the chance to choose a Two Digit Career Number as a reward for winning a competitive series. They will keep and hold this number until they relinquish it (see section 5).
5) A competitor will relinquish their number when they do not compete in at least 5 rounds throughout a year.
6) If two competitors share equal points, the lower number will be given to the competitor who scored the best overall finish in a series. If this is also tied then it will go to the second best placing and so on.
7) A competitor who is given the number 13, may choose to skip the number 13 (like in real life Supercross/Motocross, as some riders believe the number to be unlucky/cursed), in which that year, the number will be not be used.

So with those basic rules laid down, I've gone through the original forum and have people's three digit numbers here below. I've also added the numbers used by other people in the game. If people posted a two digit number then I will not include it below and they are more then welcome to post a three digit number below which I can add to the list. If two people have posted the same number then I will let them decide who gets that number between them and they can choose to settle it however they want. If you would like to add a number that is not already taken below, then post it below.

108 - Conceptgraffmxs
119 - BJ Slice
124 - Mopslapper
130 - Mace-X
135 - Twitch135
151 - MrSlowSloth
170 - Joao Santos 17
175 - Jjok_17
181 - BBarrzy
235 - TFC
247 - Clutch_Luck
283 - iNsane
284 - GDUBMX
291 - Leon_Waters
312 - Dirtbike
317 - Sandbiter
365 - Umpossible
389 - PhiliaN
404 - Bassit
570 - Braap570
609 - oneshotkill609
614 - Yann
615 - Asdrael
691 - Pacopaster34
709 - Stevo
710 - John_710
719 - PizzaChet

If you have any changes you think should be made then let me know, I am not the final call on these, this game is community based. I look forward to seeing people's thoughts and numbers.



nice, ill go 284. Usually i run 84 but id like to run 284
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well to clarify things I'll take the 283!

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id like to stay 709 please....the model number of our Mercedes bus :)


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Can i have number 17, i "reserved" it in the racing number thread by norcal.
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Quote from: Jjok_17 on June 17, 2018, 07:01:40 pm
Can i have number 17, i "reserved" it in the racing number thread by norcal.
3 digit numbers only
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