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Old School BMX

Started by Twitch135, April 15, 2018, 02:25:09 AM

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Hey guys, not sure how many of you use to ride or still ride BMX. I just came across a BMX video that i use to watch all the time when I was a kid. Always got me pumped to go ride. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/Q3_FrDuk5fU
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Awe man, there went 3 hours watching old school BMX video's. Found Matt Hoffman has a channel with only 1.2k sub's. The legend himself still rides too!  :o

I'm one of the "old guys" that used to ride when it was a vastly different time in the world, watching the link you posted was a trip back to the glory days. Endless summers, just, totally endless. It was bliss to be out with the guys for an afternoon sesh. As I grew older and the sport progressed, so did I. It became a life pursuit that ended abruptly in my early 20's, I had just done way too much damage to keep progressing and it was time to stop.

Took alot to do that sort of thing trying to be as good as the pro's. New bike when it was time, travel when it was time, medical care when it was time for it. Tons of training, always recovering from some injury or another, went through shoes and other gear so often my parents could barely keep up by the time I was in my early teens, so I got a part time job in the kitchen of a little mom and pop pizza joint, so on my breaks instead of smoking like other employee's, I rode the loading dock and stairs of the adjacent business. Those were some awesome times. Getting all nostalgic over it, haven't thought about all that in years.

Breaking my collar bone barely slowed me down as a kid, busted toes and fingers were enough for a lifetime of pain and recover though, more road rash than most people have ever had... so many concussions... how I'm alive is beyond anyone's best guess. Even losing my spleen being impaled by a set of old school Haro bars wasn't enough to stop me. A fractured pelvis bone is excruciating, I've done it a fair few times in different spots, broke my tail bone enough the doctors just don't even know what to tell me anymore if they've never seen my X rays. I'm pretty much the million dollar man at this point. Modern medicine kept me around for the long haul I suppose.  ;D
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