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3rd person suggestion

Started by 𝖙𝖋𝖈, March 03, 2017, 09:48:01 AM

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Right off the bat I know this isn't going to be popular, I use both 3rd and 1st person but for a casual ride I'm normally in 3rd.

I'd like to suggest that the 3rd person camera isn't focused on / linked to the tyres contact patch as it currently seems to be.

Couple of reasons:

1. It gives a strange pendulum type visual effect. An example would be a vertical line rotating from the bottom point. If it rotates 30* it appears to rotate more than if it was to rotate 30* from the center causing the top and bottom points of the line to rotate in the opposite directions respectively.

2. It makes sliding, braking, and lining up for ruts possibly harder than if the view was glued to a more central point as when the wheels do go, it feels like they're not sliding as much, or sliding more than they should. It also means you don't appreciate how the bike will react to a banked turn as you don't get a sense of travel, I.e how high out / up a berm the bike will move. This would be greatly improved by seeing the top of the bike move one way and the wheels move slightly to the other, which would allow you to gauge the movement and react more accordingly.

3. It looks strange. I know, not the most important thing right? But, it is in terms of marketing. I've seen comments in videos like 'that 3rd person looks awkward' and it's bang on the money. You get used to it, and I am so used to it now it feels like 2nd nature, but I remember it took a while getting used to it and this is going to be the same for anyone who tries the demo. Watch a recording of someone riding in 3rd person and it's way more noticeable than when you're playing.

I'm not saying the 3rd person is bad by any stretch, it's come a long way from b1, but I think it still needs some improvement.

So here's some other examples, and please note that I've only played one of these titles.

MX Sim. The view seems to be fixed to the riders torso. I've only played MXS demo years ago, but watching videos it seems a lot more natural. I think this might be too much in some cases, I hate the look of MXS 3rd person in the air for example, but in corners it looks good.

Reflex, seems to do things differently and allow a lot of horizontal play. I played the he'll out of reflex and did find it a bit loose for my liking.

MXGP seems to focus the view on the center of the bike. This also allows a lot of play but not as much as reflex. Never played it though so can only offer a visual pov.

My preferred way would be to have the focus at the top of the back tyre, or maybe the central mass of the bike. I think tethering it to the rider would take away from the bike movement too much.

What are people's thoughts? And please don't bother with the 'ride in 1st person, problem solved' comments. Been there, have the coat, wallet and hat combination I paid extra for so everyone knows ;D


TFC's actually right about this one I agree with him.
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It's about damn time someone replied ;D


I don't, but I wonder how many do use this view?
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I certainly can't speak from 3rd person experience, but I think it's unfortunate that a simulator allows 3rd person while riding unless it's in arcade mode. IMHO it should be only in replay. It would be market suicide if you didn't allow 3rd person, none of the kiddies would buy it. I consider it a product of the Mario Kart generation. Personally, I've always wanted 1st person since the dawn of gaming, since almost all racing games only had 3rd person, so I'm biased toward realism since 3rd person is only realistic if you are dying and having an out-of-body experience  ;D. MX Sim added an adjustable 3rd person view after years of a fixed 3rd person view. In Reflex I sometimes use "Game Play" view when I have trouble in 1st person, but that's only casual play on a console. Crusty opinion as usual.
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Pizza mate, I love you, but I urged no-one to post stuff like this.. Wasn't trying to start a debate, just highlighting one of PiBoSo's features that could use some improvement ;)


You had me at "I know this isn't going to be popular". Ringing the dinner bell mate!
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+1 to this suggestion, I know its a bit late, but I completely agree 100%!


+1 as well going through breaking bumps while in 3p is brutal on your eyes. I ride in both first and third like you mention tfc, and we buy games to play them for fun so we can play in any view we would like simulator or not. Physics are still the same and controls alike only advantage is view of track, but I suppose you can do that in first with turning your head?


I agree fully. I only play in 3rd person and the camera goes apeshit when the bike moves a lot and quickly..