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August 09, 2020, 01:25:28 AM


MX Bikes beta14e available! :)

(Beta 8)My 2017 OEM KX250F setup

Started by olekar13, June 20, 2018, 09:06:28 PM

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I think this one is working great with the new Beta 8 version :)

Race sag: 100mm
Static sag: 35mm


Tyres: Front/Rear MX35
Brakes: 18mm
Mapping: Green



Spring: 4.6 N/mm
Bump: 10 clicks
Rebound: 10 clicks
Preload: 7mm
Oil: 100mm


Spring: 44.0 N/mm
Bump: 9 clicks
Rebound: 11 clicks
Preload: 13 mm


Front sprocket: 14
Rear sprocket: 48


how do you adjust this stuff? im new to the game sorry, also where are the MX52, etc, for download.


I believe this was done with the beta 7 version of the OEM pack during the first week of the Beta 8 release. Now that the OEM bikes have been updated, there is no extra set of tyres anymore, stock tyres for everyone! ;)
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